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Pay with PayPal

Benefits for Sellers

Grow Your Business

  • PayPal is the most accepted payment method for online transactions globally.
  • PayPal is ideal for selling overseas. You can accept payments in 22 currencies from 190 countries and markets worldwide.
  • Buyers trust that PayPal won’t share their financial info with merchants.


PayPal works behind the scenes to help protect you and your customers.

  • If you are a PayPal account holder and your transaction is deemed eligible, PayPal will cover you in the event of an unauthorized purchase, an “item not received” claim, a chargeback, or a reversal. Learn more
  • Reassure customers who trust PayPal with protecting their sensitive financial details.
  • Get extra peace of mind with automatic fraud screening (no additional charge) and customizable security filters (optional).
  • Safeguard customer info with our PCI-compliant standards for data protection.
  • PayPal has hundreds of highly trained specialists working around the clock to prevent fraudulent activity and identify suspicious transactions.

Faster Transaction Processing

  • Instead of filling out the number, expiration date, and security code every time, the buyer just has to enter their email address and password.
  • After a transaction is completed successfully on MedWOW, the money goes into your PayPal balance, where you can easily transfer it to your bank account. No need to go to the bank to deposit checks.