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As more and more hospitals find themselves unable to get out of debt, they are forced to close and hospital liquidation is unfortunately becoming commonplace. For example, between ten and twenty hospitals in the United States alone either close or declare bankruptcy each year. Converting bankruptcy losses into cash through hospital liquidation means that it is possible to find almost-new equipment in good condition, a real boom to healthcare facilities looking to upgrade on a budget. Some hospitals need to sell the contents of one department or just the "big ticket" items and others the contents of the entire medical facility but in any case: Hospital liquidation can mean big savings for you.

Before bargain-hunting at a hospital liquidation sale, it is important to do your homework first, and find out what the same or similar items are selling for elsewhere, both new and used.

Medical facility consolidations and closures are often handled by MedWOW's uploading the entire inventory of a particular hospital liquidation sale, giving buyers the opportunity to buy everything they need through our unique platform. We have created a number of tools and services in order to enhance the security and safety of transactions conducted through the site. Ethical and secure trading of equipment being sold due to hospital liquidation is promoted on MedWOW, through a variety of features that benefit both buyers and sellers, protecting their safety and making the process simple and secure.

Until the MedWOW solution, the online trade of used medical equipment from hospital liquidations was problematic. MedWOW however, introduced a variety of innovative tools to overcome these obstacles. Committed to providing a platform for conducting honest trading, MedWOW’s accredited Global Inspectors Network - the first of its kind, eliminated the widespread issue of dishonest trading by providing international Inspection Services, with reports for buyers to review prior to finalizing hospital liquidation sales and transactions.

MedWOW also encourages its members to make educated transactions by offering both buyers and sellers the right tools to conduct research prior to closing hospital liquidation sales deals. Buyers have access to professionally written Buying Tips for each type of device, as well as the Original Manufacturer Specifications for each specific model.

Since both time and money are in short supply, MedWOW’s Professional Purchasing Service offers buyers of used medical equipment from hospital liquidations the option of giving qualified medical equipment experts the job of handling the their purchasing process from start to finish.

From assisting buyers in defining their desired specifications requirements for the requested hospital liquidation equipment, to contacting the relevant hospital liquidation sellers, to handling negotiations, to finding training: MedWOW’s Professional Purchasing Service offers buyers comprehensive solutions.

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