At MedWOW we are proud of our ability to provide professionals in the medical equipment industry with the highest, safest, and most professional standards of services. Therefore, not everyone that applies for a MedWOW franchise license meets the required criteria. For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that franchisees possess the following requirements to be considered for the franchise program:
  • A proven track record in marketing and/or sales of medical equipment in the local market
  • Operate with integrity, have solid industry connections, and significant territorial market share
  • The demonstrable marketing ability to penetrate the market and sustain a strong market presence for MedWOW with end-users, establishing a solid connection between the MedWOW site and the primary medical facilities in their territory
  • Employ sales representatives and other company personnel that are fluent in the local language as well as in English
  • Operate an existing help desk that is capable of providing customer support services