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Hospital Administrators and physicians are tightening their belts all over the world, and looking for ways to stretch their medical equipment budgets, so in many cases, buying refurbished medical equipment can be an excellent alternative to buying new devices.

Buying refurbished medical equipment could be the solution to your medical equipment needs. Refurbished devices can be in pristine condition, since their components and/or parts have been replaced and often sell for a fraction of the cost of a new device.

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment does not necessarily mean sacrificing on quality. Often the biggest difference between brand new and refurbished medical equipment is the price and the amount of work you have to do to find yourself a worthwhile deal, which MedWOW can assist you with every step of the way. Buying refurbished medical equipment can sometimes save you over half of what you'd normally pay for brand new equipment. Buying refurbished medical equipment is particularly prevalent among medical practitioners setting up small clinics and offices.

Nearly every type of equipment you can find new, you can also find used and refurbished at a lower price. If a medical device has been completely refurbished, it means that a group of highly trained medical professionals have worked on it and restored it to the best possible condition before putting it on the market.

The refurbished medical equipment listed for sale/auction on MedWOW specifies the type of refurbishment that the device has undergone on the item's listing. There is a broad range of refurbished medical equipment standards, and this category can generally be broken down into three distinct rankings:

Visual Refurbishment - This means that the device has been tested and is in fully functional condition, but has received a visual enhancement, such as dents and scratches have been repaired and cushions and paint have been replaced and/or retouched. In short, changes are primarily cosmetic in nature and there is no guarantee included.

Major Parts Replacement - This means that the device has been tested and is in fully functional condition due to an internal enhancement to the device. The system has had its major parts replaced, if worn or dysfunctional and significant changes or upgrades in performance specifications have been made, not necessarily with original parts.

Fully Refurbished Medical Equipment - This category of refurbished medical equipment usually includes devices that are restored to their original condition and functionality. This means that they are upgraded with new technologies; they comply with all safety standards and are usually under warranty or have a new warranty. Fully refurbished medical equipment is rebuilt and tested according to the original specifications, bringing the buyer safety, high quality and good performance.

Buying refurbished medical equipment means you can find high-end, durable devices - at a very worthwhile price.

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