Used Alternating Pressure Bed - Hill-Rom -  Clinitron Rite Hite

Item 415603981

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Item type: Complete System
Category: Intensive Care Unit
Device: Alternating Pressure Bed
Manufacturer: Hill-Rom
Model: Clinitron Rite Hite
Condition: Refurbished - major parts replacement
Year manufactured: 2007 (Estimated year)
Location: United States, Illinois
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 25,000.00 USD
Comments: The price is a starting point. We will consider all offers.
Item Description
This bed was purchased for a patient that used it (in a facility) for approximately 5 months. Since then, this bed is being stored at a Hill-Rom warehouse right outside of Chicago, IL and has been serviced by Hill-Rom throughout the last 2 years.

The bed has been recently inspected and approved by Hill-Rom and is ready for a new owner. If you know anything about these beds you know they are extremely expensive. The cost for this bed new over 2 ½ years ago was over $60K. Please email me any questions. I can even connect you with a Hill-Rom representative that will answer anything about this bed.

We are helping a patient sell this bed so please take advantage of this great opportunity to purchase a Hill-Rom serviced bed for a fraction of the cost of a new one. If you are not local and want it shipped you must purchase the bed, then we will coordinate shipping. Buyer will be responsible to pay the exact shipping cost.
Sale Information
Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal
Advance payment percentage: 100%
The item is not packed
Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
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Business type: Service Company
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