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Device: Apheresis Machine
Manufacturer: Gemos
Model: Gemos PF-07
Location: Russia, Moskva

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Device: Apheresis Machine
Manufacturer: Haemonetics
Model: PCS2
Location: Russia, Moskva

Apheresis Machine may also be referred to as :

Apheresis Unit | Separator, Blood Cell | Plasmapheresis Unit | Leukapheresis Unit | Intermittent-Flow Centrifuge | Hemapheresis Unit | Continuous-Flow Centrifuge | Cell Separator | Blood Cell Separator | Blood Processing Unit

Tips for buying Apheresis Machine

  1. These units must allow users to manually set the anticoagulant ratio and the replacement fluid balance.
  2. Some of the preferred features include: auto calculation of the anticoagulant, replacement volume, and extra corporeal volume.
  3. These units should have monitors or alarms, and a battery backup.
  4. Standardization of equipment is important for reducing costs for training, inspection and preventive maintenance.
  5. Providing users with training for these units is extremely important.
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