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Device: Argon Coagulator
Manufacturer: Erbe
Model: APC 300
Location: United Kingdom, Worcestershire

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Device: Argon Coagulator
Manufacturer: ConMed
Model: System 7500 ABC
Location: United Kingdom, Worcestershire

Argon Coagulator may also be referred to as :

Surgical Unit | Argon-Enhanced Electrosurgical Unit | Malis Coagulator | Hyfrecator | Endometrial Ablation System | ESU | Electrosurgical Unit, General Purpose | Electrosurgical Unit, Argon-Enhanced Coagulation | Electrosurgical Generator | Diathermy Unit, Surgical | Diathermy Unit | Coagulator, Electrosurgical | Bovie | Argon Surgical System | Argon Coagulator | Surgical Diathermy Unit

Tips for buying Argon Coagulator

  1. These units should come with a solid-state generator, with a typical frequency range of 0.3 to 1 MHz. They should have an isolated monopolar output, a hand switch, a footswitch, and bipolar output.
  2. The output power for monopolar cutting should not exceed 300 W, and the open circuit voltage should not exceed 2,000 peak-to-peak volts; these values apply for general-purpose use.
  3. For coagulation, the output and open circuit voltage should not exceed 120 W and 6,000 peak-to-peak volts, respectively. Bipolar mode should use no more than 50 W and 300 peak-to-peak volts.
  4. Units should include the following: a return electrode contact quality monitor, independent output, visual and audible activation indicators, alarm capable of volumes higher than 45 dB at one meter, power-setting display, and convection or fan cooling system.
  5. Argon-enhanced units should have a flow range of 0 to 10 L/min, a tank capacity of more than 1,200 L (42 ft3), and a low-pressure alarm; the device should include an alarm capable of volumes higher than 45 dB at one meter.
  6. There are numerous designs of electrosurgical units, and facilities should base their comparisons among devices according to characteristics, usefulness of features, safety, and reliability - all of these affect clinical performance.
  7. Users who are considering which argon-enhanced coagulation system to purchase, should determine whether they wish to expand their current electrosurgical system with a compatible argon module or get a new one with an integral argon unit.
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