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Manufacturer : Linvatec

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Device: Arthroscope
Manufacturer: Linvatec
Model: 7583
Location: United States, California
Rating: 100%

Arthroscope may also be referred to as :

Rigid Endoscope | Articular Cavity Endoscope

Tips for buying Arthroscope

  1. Standard arthroscope and articular cavity endsoscope units should permit connection to all common models of camera heads.
  2. Video arthroscopes should be compatible not only with the facility's current video processors, but also with more recent processor models offered by the same manufacturer.
  3. To ensure compatibility, facilities are encouraged to buy arthroscopes and accessories from the same manufacturer. Anthroscope accessories may include video monitors, specially designed leg or arm holders, scissors, and knives.
  4. To permit connection to all common light source designs, manufacturers should offer a wide variety of light guides.
  5. Facilities need to consider the reprocessing methods approved by the rigid endoscope manufacture. The more options, the better the facility may effectively manage its inventory.
  6. Facilities should prefer scopes that are also compatible with autoclaving and other fast sterilization methods.
  7. Facilities are strongly encouraged to use the arthroscopes that they wish to purchase on a trial basis; this will allow surgeons to directly compare perceived performance. While performing these trials, facilities should standardize all other equipment, including monitors, video processors, light sources and guides, and signal format, to ensure that the articular cavity endsoscope's performance is the only variable.
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