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Device: Artificial Heart Valve
Manufacturer: Ats Medical
Model: AP Heart Valve
Location: Mexico, Puebla

Artificial Heart Valve may also be referred to as :

Tilting Disk Cardiac Valve | Synthetic Cardiac Valve | Mitral Valve | Mechanical Cardiac Valve | Leaflet Cardiac Valve | Cardiac Valve, Mechanical | Caged-Ball Cardiac Valve | Bileaflet Cardiac Valve | Ball Cardiac Valve | Prostheses, Cardiac Valve, Artificial | Aortic Valve | Allograft, Cardiac Valve | Artificial Cardiac Valve

Tips for buying Artificial Heart Valve

  1. Artificial heart valves replace aortic and mitral valves. They are designed to provide smooth, even blood flow through the heart chambers. The artificial cardiac valve prostheses should be able to diminish restriction or disturbances.
  2. Each component should be supplied in the right number of sizes, depending on the prosthesis.
  3. A guide to surgery and prostheses implantation should accompany all artificial heart valve devices, along with their own instrumentation for all cardiac prosthetic surgical applications.
  4. It is known that there is no design that fits every surgical procedure. There is a large selection of cardiac prostheses for that reason.
  5. Selecting the right artificial heart valve (which is done by the surgeon) is usually done based on the surgical procedure and the patient's condition. The surgeon needs to determine which valve is to be used - mechanical or bioprosthetic one.
  6. Mechanical valves often have larger orifice areas than bioprosthetic valves with the same prosthetic annulus size. Therefore, they are usually selected for patients with small valve annulus sizes.
  7. Another important factor is the cavity size of the chamber. Usually, a small downstream cavity in either the aortic or mitral position needs a low-profile mechanical valve.
  8. Tilting disk cardiac valves have a single circular occluder controlled by a metal strut. Leaflet cardiac valvse have the advantage of having a greater effective opening area (2.4-3.2 square cm c.f. 1.5-2.1 for the single-leaflet valves). Also, they are the least thrombogenic of the artificial valves.
  9. Mechanical heart valves are today very reliable and allow the patient to live a normal life. Most artificial heart valves last for at least 20 to 30 years.
  10. Before implantation of these devices, precautionary measures should be taken to ensure their sterility. Resterilization guidelines should be provided by the manufacturers, in case prostheses encounter non-sterile conditions.

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