New & Used Aspirator, Ultrasonic, Soering, SONOCA 185

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Manufacturer : Soering


Model : SONOCA 185

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Device: Aspirator, Ultrasonic
Manufacturer: Soering
Model: SONOCA 185
Location: Turkey, Istanbul
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Aspirator, Ultrasonic may also be referred to as :

Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator

Tips for buying Aspirator, Ultrasonic

  1. These units should be capable of operating at a maximum vacuum of 700 mm Hg.
  2. The unit should have irrigation, aspiration, and ultrasound controls. It should display power, vacuum, irrigation level, application time and error code messages. The footswitch control should posses both present and linear modes.
  3. Some systems incorporate a standard suction canister for holding aspirated tissue, and are self-contained for that matter; others may require hospital vacuum and suction systems.
  4. Manual tuning is needed in some systems before the tip is used. Once the tip encounters a change in mass, the unit may no longer be tuned to resonance.
  5. Other systems have a continuous auto-tuning function and may or may not have a pre-use tuning button.
  6. An ultrasonic generator can constantly change its output to match the changing resonance of the hand piece with auto tuning. This eliminates the need for manual tuning and increases the efficiency of the ultrasound circuit and tip.
  7. Buyers should make sure that service support is readily available, replacement of parts is easily identified, and that parts can be quickly obtained from the supplier. 
  8. Facilities should perform clinical evaluations before a purchase decision is made to ensure that the surgeon is comfortable with the system. The effectiveness of each system depends on the surgeon's comfort level and familiarity with the system.
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