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Device: Audiometric Booth
Manufacturer: Eymasa
Model: CI-40
Location: Portugal, Aveiro
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Audiometric Booth may also be referred to as :

Acoustic Casewall | Acoustic Chamber | Chamber, Acoustic | Sound-Treated Room | Acoustic Booth

Tips for buying Audiometric Booth

  1. Facilities should consider industry standards for noise levels to determine whether a booth is needed.
  2. The booth is required if the test area is too noisy. In some cases, testing may be performed without a booth.
  3. To determine the required amount of sound reduction, users need to evaluate the noise level in the area, including the noisiest periods. Other individual circumstances may be considered as well.
  4. The booth's size depends on the available space. However, it should comfortably accommodate the subject, the examiner, and all the necessary equipment.
  5. Booths with two rooms need a window between the rooms.
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