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Device: Bed Head System
Manufacturer: Hill-Rom
Model: Basis
Location: Indonesia, Jakarta Raya
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Device: Bed Head System
Manufacturer: Draeger
Model: DVE 8031
Location: Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia
Rating: 93%

Bed Head System may also be referred to as :

Patient Headwall System | Patient Service Headwall System | Medical Supplies Panel | Headwall System and Service Column, Prefabricated | Modular Medical Wall | Modular Headwall System | Headwall System, Prefabricated, Service Column, Prefabricated | Gas Supply Panel | Bed Head Gas Unit | Bed Head Gas Outlet | Bed Head Electrical Unit | Headwall System and Service Column

Tips for buying Bed Head System

  1. Several configurations are offered for these units to meet the needs of acute care, OR, and PACU areas; facilities should carefully determine the needed configuration for each patient care area.
  2. These systems should allow access to the patient during an emergency and diminish interference with the patient bed. It should also allow easy access to services, devices, internal wiring, and piping that need routine repair and maintenance.
  3. The minimum recommended features include:
    • 6 hospital-grade duplex receptacles 
    • 1-3 oxygen outlets, depending on patient care area 
    • 1-3 vacuum outlets, depending on patient care area 
    • Up to three medical compressed air outlets, depending on patient care area 
    • Vacuum collection bottle/canister mounts 
    • A physiologic monitor bracket with provision for a monitor connector 
    • Provisions for a nurse call system, code button, examination light, and telephone jack
  4. If the system includes circuit-breaker panels, they should be easily accessible and clearly labeled. The main circuit breaker should be distinguished from branch circuit breakers; doors to the panels should not be lockable.
  5. Cleaning solvents and other fluids are commonly found in the hospital and near patients, and the exposed surfaces of headwall systems and service columns should resist staining and degradation by these materials.
  6. Back of bed bumpers are helpfuls feature that minimize the scratching of headwall fascia panels caused by the side-to-side movement of patient beds is the the .
  7. To provide proper flow to the outlets, copper medical gas and vacuum piping is preferred; however, flexible hoses of the appropriate size may be used.
  8. The nurse call system is usually supplied by the hospital and installed separately.
  9. Medical gas outlets are usually specified to match the hospital's general system and equipment connections.
  10. Sometimes it is possible to order customized large, uniquely dimensioned full wall units. Some suppliers do not even sell a fixed product line of distinct models, but rather produce custom-made units. To fit the buyer's needs, most companies will also customize catalog units.
  11. When determining the location and mounting of all external devices, facilities should consider minimizing the potential for patient or staff injury as well as the possibility of physical damage to the devices and fixtures.
  12. Facilities need to ensure that the fixtures can support the intended loads.
  13. A mounting bracket should first be affixed to a load-bearing portion of the wall during the installation of a typical prefabricated headwall.
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