Used Bio Impedance Measurement - Biomeridian -  Vantage

Item 485182498

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Clinical Engineering
Device: Bio Impedance Measurement
Manufacturer: Biomeridian
Model: Vantage
Condition: As is
Year manufactured: 2009
Location: United Kingdom
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 4,000.00 GBP/ 5,233.14 USD

Have US Power cable for Vantage machine so would sell to America (approx 6480 US Dollars) if interested.

Packaging size does not include additional items such as keyboard, Screen or Desk.
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Item Description
I am selling a BioMeridian Vantage MSAS machine in excellent condition. The Vantage is an all-encompassing unit with a built in computer and comes complete with EPIC Probe, Manual Probe, Hand Mass and separate CD Drive. I will also include a 22” Flat Screen, wireless Keyboard & mouse and the mobile desk on which it stands on to use with the Vantage. All MSAS 2011 software & BioRep/ BIM is up to date. The computer has Windows XP loaded (original disk provided)

As well as being able to use the Manual Probe with Virtual/Stimulus library you can use the BioRep system with the easy to use Epic probe which has a revolutionary piece of software that collects and analyses all the patients data to generate a personalised report which spells out exactly: which body systems are stressed or weakened, How to prioritise the imbalances i.e. which to tackle first and exactly which supplements to recommend for the best price and quickest results. A full scan of the clients major organ systems can be completed in 20mins.
Includes Manuals and Basic Training Info.
This system is in excellent condition and has hardly been used over the past year due to changes in circumstances.

The price I am asking offers around £4000 (P+P extra). Approx $6480 (machine comes with US Power Cable/Plug)
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Bio Impedance Measurement may also be referred to as: Tester, Impedance | Electrical Impedence Mammography | Salinity Measurement | Sweat Salinity
Seller details
Location: United Kingdom, South Yorkshire
Seller's language(s): English
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