Biochemistry Analyzer, Automated - Biobase -  BK-480 (Ruby)

Item 118234571

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Laboratory
Device: Biochemistry Analyzer, Automated
Manufacturer: Biobase
Model: BK-480 (Ruby)
Condition: New
Year manufactured: 2017
Location: India, Karnataka
Unit Price: 101.00 USD
Comments: Will give in the sales time.
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Item Description
①.120 Sample positions
②.90 Reagent positions
③.90 Reaction cuvettes
④.400 Tests /Hour

Sample/Reagent tray
·120 sample position
·90 reagent position
·Reagent refrigerated function

Reaction tray
·90 reusable cuvettes
·Automatic blank testing for cuvettes
·Colorimetry system of the pattern of light splitting behind cuvettes
·Dismountable, easily replacement
·Reaction temperature 37℃,constant temperature function

Sample/Reagent Probe
·Automatic liquid level detecting
·Collision protection function
·Probe internal/external washing
·Probe deepth automatic adjustment

Auto cleaning system
·Automatically 6-step wash
·2 times repeat wash
·Hi-tech washing station to ensure
accurate results

Auto mixer, independently
·Automatically mix reagent and sample in cuvettes
·Ensure full reaction
·Automated wash itself
·Avoid cross-contamination

Perfect standard diagram
·Automatic show reaction curve
·QC result diagram recorder,print available

Intelligent software
·Automatic washing cuvette
when start test&finish test
·Automatic detect sample& reagent volume
·Reaction temperature detecting when startup
·Alarm: automatic alarm of no reagent,no sample,wrong run,out of linearity range etc
·Automatic re-test sample in next order if no reagent

Real-time and Dynamic display running status
·Real-time show the running status
· Real-time show the status of reagent tray,sample tray,cuvettes
·Rea-time update the reagent residual volume

Vertical,Discrete,Fully automatic
Analysis Method
CE, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485

Sample & Reagent Unit
Sample Positions
120 sample positions
Reagent Positions
90 pcs (With refrigerated function)
Sample Volume
2-30ul,0.1μl step
Reagent Volume
20-300μl,1μl step
Sample& Reagent Probe
Automatic liquid level detecting
Collision protection function
Probe internal/external washing
Probe deepth automatic adjustmen
Probe cleaning
Automatic washing both interior and exterior
Reagent tray cooling
Continuous 2℃~8℃ cooling within 24 hours

Reaction Unit
Reaction Time
10 minutes
Temperature Control
37±0.1℃,automatic heating
90 reusable reaction cuvettes
After finishtesting, washing probe wash cuvettes automatically

Optical System
Light Source
Halogen-tungsten lamp
340-700nm,8 wavelengths,(4 positions are optional)
Absorbance range
Linear Range

Calibration and QC
Linear/nonlinear,one point,multi-point(Max 8 points)
Quality Control
QC plot automatically depict the function condition,show the QC results

Intelligent software
Automatic washing cuvette when start test&finish test,Automatic detect sample& reagent volume,Reaction temperature detecting when startup
Automatic alarm of no reagent,no sample,wrong run,out of linearity range etc, Automatic re-test sample in next order after no reagent
Windows 7,Windows 8 or above, windows XP

Power Supply
AC110/220V,±10%, 50/60Hz,1000VA
Package Size(W*D*H)
Gross Weight
Sale Information
Period: 12 months
Warranty type: Material
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Seller details
Contact person: LAIJU C PAUL
Phone number: 91-00-9539853858
Location: India, Karnataka
Business type: Manufacturer
Seller's language(s): English, Hindi
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