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Device: Birthing Bed
Manufacturer: Vitalux
Model: Isle
Location: Switzerland, Zurich
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Birthing Bed may also be referred to as :

Labor/Delivery Bed | Labor Bed | Delivery Table | Bed, Birthing | Childbearing Bed | Birthing Bed | Bed, Labor | Delivery Bed | Bed, Delivery

Tips for buying Birthing Bed

  1. For the proper operation of these devices, they should have certain features, such as a removable headboard to allow easy access to the patient's head. Desired features include leg supports, and a removable foot section for the birthing process.
  2. At minimum, the bed height should be adjustable over a range of 22-40 inches. In some situations a larger range may be preferred.
  3. To allow easy movement over small obstacles during transport, the casters should be at least five inches in diameter. At least two of them should have breaks located diagonally from each other.
  4. To collect fluids, a removable drain pan is recommended.
  5. Facilities should look into several factors before making the purchase. These include the range of bed positions, the quality of construction and mechanical reliability, the service history of the unit, and the ease-of-use.
  6. The cost of maintenance and the availability of manufacturer support and replacement parts are to be considered as well by facilities considering the purchase of these beds.
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