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New & Used Bone Densitometer, Single Energy

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Bone Densitometer, Single Energy may also be referred to as :

Ostoporosis Densitometer | Absorptiometer, Single-Photon, X-ray, Single-Energy | Absorptiometer

Tips for buying Bone Densitometer, Single Energy

  1. The availability of drugs for treating osteoporosis, as well as the extent of Medicare coverage enhances the market for Single Energy Bone Densitometer systems or Osteoporosis Densitometers.
  2. The drug is the first non-hormonal medicine shown to restore lost bone mass in women with osteoporosis.
  3. Physicians will order more tests for osteoporosis screening with this promising new therapy option, leading to an increased demand for Osteoporosis Densitometer and Single Energy Bone Densitometer equipment.
  4. More pharmaceuticals for treating osteoporosis are available in Europe, and therefore the sales are greater there.
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