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Device: Breathing Monitor
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Model: 78834C
Premium User
Location: United States, Washington
Rating: 89%
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Breathing Monitor may also be referred to as :

Ventilation Alarm | Transcutaneous Monitor, Oxygen | Transcutaneous Monitor, Carbon Dioxide | Oxygen Monitor, Transcutaneous | Transcutaneous Blood Gas Monitor | Oxygen Monitor | Oxygen Analyzer, Transcutaneous | OR Monitor | Operating Room Monitor | Electrode, Transcutaneous, Oxygen | Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Monitor, Transcutaneous | Carbon Dioxide Monitor | Breathing Circuit Monitor | Breathing Circuit Alarm | Blood Gas Monitor, Transcutaneous | Blood Gas Monitor, Oxygen | Blood Gas Monitor, Carbon Dioxide | Transcutaneous pO2, pCO2 Monitors

Tips for buying Breathing Monitor

  1. Before making a breathing monitor purchase, facilities should carefully consider their needs and the intended application of the monitors.
  2. Both CO2 and O2 oxygen monitors are offered in bench top and floor configurations. Line-powered models and battery-powered models are available. 
  3. Facilities should obtain performance data in the form of tcpO2 versus paO2 correlations at recommended electrode temperatures. This should be examined for each breathing monitor model being considered for purchase. 
  4. Facilities should also ask manufacturers to provide references from clinical studies performed with their transcutaneous blood gas monitors. 
  5. Some additional factors to consider include the following: length and coverage of the warranty, quantity discounts given by the oxygen monitor suppliers, and cost of accessories.
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