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Device: Cardiac Video System
Manufacturer: Siemens
Location: Bulgaria, Varna

Cardiac Video System may also be referred to as :

Video System, Fluoroscopic | Video Monitoring System | Video Camera System | Television Chain, Fluoroscopic | Television Camera | Information System, Cardiology | Electrocardiography Data Management System | ECG Data Management System | Data Management System, ECG | Video X-ray Camera | Cardionavigator | Cardiology Information System | Cardiology Data Management System | Cardiology Computer System | Ancillary Information System | Fluoroscopic Television Chain

Tips for buying Cardiac Video System

  1. Users can configure fluoroscopic television chains with different combinations of television camera pickup devices and television display monitors.
  2. Television camera pickup devices range from tube types to CCDs; some types hold special qualities, such as sensitivity, lag, contrast, resolution, noise, and cost. All these features range from poor to excellent based on the specific fluoroscopic application.
  3. Only two characteristics of the different pickup device types are measurable: bandwidth and SNR.
  4. Camera tubes and CCDs, which operate at high line rates, need wider bandwidths. However, a wide bandwidth can have a poor SNR.
  5. These units are usually purchased as parts of standard radiographic or fluoroscopic or digital angiographic imaging systems.
  6. Dual-mode television systems can function in both fluoroscopy and digital angiographies. In some specific procedures, dual systems that provide high-resolution images in conventional fluoroscopy, and 525 line images in digital angiographies, may be especially useful.
  7. Facilities considering the purchase of such a unit should look into the intended application of the imaging system and the television chain's compatibility with other parts of the system.
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