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Cardiology Information System may also be referred to as :

Information System, Cardiology | Electrocardiography Data Management System | ECG Data Management System | Data Management System, ECG | Cardionavigator | Cardiology Information System | Cardiology Data Management System | Cardiology Computer System | Ancillary Information System | Information and Image Management, Cardiology

Tips for buying Cardiology Information System

  1. When purchasing a cardiology information system, to assist the supplier with providing the requested device, the facility should present a full description of in-house operating systems. In addition, they should specify the maximum number of simultaneous users, required terminals, and sites.
  2. The ECG data management system should automatically perform the following tasks: archive entire patient records; backup the data storage; maintain a directory of all archived patients; retrieve data by patient name, ID, archive date, or by other user-defined parameters.
  3. User ID and password are the minimum-security features for entering the cardiology information system. It should also have individualized access functions, several levels of system security, and confidential password codes.
  4. These cardiology information systems should be able to communicate with a remote workstation, to enable monitoring from a remote site or data download from a physician's office. They should also be able to communicate with other information ECG data management systems.
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