Used Cath Lab - GE Healthcare -  Innova 2100

Item 762644455

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Cardiology
Device: Cath Lab
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare
Model: Innova 2100
Condition: As is
Year manufactured: 2007 (Estimated year)
Location: Sri Lanka, Colombo
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 60,000.00 USD
Comments: Best Offer
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Item Description
Cath Lab - Innova 2100 Versatile Cardiac & Vascular Imaging System

Applications Oriented Protocols
Innova Sense Patient Contouring
Innova Central
In Room Browser
Innova Spin
Innova 3D
Innova CT
Innova LC Positioner
Innova Trace
Omega Table
Highly Reliable Performix 160A X-Ray Tube
X-Ray Collimator
Anti-Scatter Grid
Flat Panel Solid State Detector
Sale Information
Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Cash, Check
Advance payment percentage: 100%
Services supplied by the seller
Service contract
The item is not packed
Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
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Cath Lab may also be referred to as: Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System, Angiographic-Interventional | X-ray Angiography | Special Procedure Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System | Single-Plane Angiographic System | Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit, Special Procedure | Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit, Angiographic | Radiographic Fluoroscopic Unit, Angiographic Interventional, Cardiovascular | Interventional Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System | DSA System | Digital Vascular Imaging System | Digital Subtraction Angiography System | Digital Intravascular Angiography System | Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) System | Biplane Angiography System | Digital Angiography System | Angiography Unit, Radiography | Cineradiography | Angiography Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System | System, X-ray, Angiography | Radiographic Fluoroscopic Unit, Cardiac Catheterization | Radiographic Fluoroscopic System, Cardiac Catheterization | Cardiac Catheterization Equipment | Cardiac Cath Lab Imaging System, Radiography-Fluoroscopy | Catheterization X-ray System | Interventional Lab
Seller details
Location: Sri Lanka, Colombo
Business type: Hospital
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