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Cautery Unit may also be referred to as :

Hemostatic Electrothermal Cautery Probe | Endoscopic Electrocautery Unit | Electrothermal Cautery Unit | Electrothermal Cautery Probe | Electrode, Cautery | Electrocautery Unit, Battery-Powered | Cautery Unit | Cauterie | Electrocautery Unit

Tips for buying Cautery Unit

  1. The intended use of these units as well as the users should determine most of the unit's specifications.
  2. The unit has a cable attached to its handle. To allow free maneuverability, the length of this cable should be at least 1.5 m (5 ft).
  3. These units are typically cheaper than ESUs and surgical lasers; however, thermal cautery units offer more limited uses.
  4. The units can be purchased with various special features, which add greatly to the cost. These extras may include probes with integral water jets for clearing blood from endoscopic surgical sites, computer controlled units, and units that have power-supply controllers with digital displays of temperature setting and other information, and smoke evacuation systems.
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