Used Chiropractic Therapy - Hudson -  Hydro Track

Item 338871393

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Orthopedics
Device: Chiropractic Therapy
Manufacturer: Hudson
Model: Hydro Track
Condition: As is
Year manufactured: 2007 (Estimated year)
Location: United States, California
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 100.00 USD
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Item Description

•Variable speed treadmill ranging from .5 to 7 mph (.5 – 10 kph)
•Reversible treadmill
•Digital display unit includes speed, distance and time
•Clear doors and viewing windows
•Dual speed resistance jets
•Moveable control panel for convenient operation
•Filtration and heating

Entry / Foyer Door : 18" Wide 45.72 cm
Entry Step : 8" 20.32 cm
Entry Length : 24" 60.96 cm
Width : 28" 72.12 cm
Height : 33 1/2" 85.09 cm
Exercise Chamber
Chamber Door : 21" 53.34 cm
Chamber Step : 4" 10.16 cm
Chamber Length : 54" 137.16 cm
Width : 34" 86.36 cm
Height : 49" 124.46 cm
Width Between Handrails : 23" 58.42 cm
Minimum Water Depth : 31" 78.74 cm
Maximum Water Depth : 46" 116.84 cm
Tread Running Surface : L 48" X W 13" 121.92 cm X 33.02 cm
Length : 96" 244 cm
Width : 36" 91 cm
Height : 62" 158 cm
Water Capacity : 270 gal 1020 L
Weight (empty) : 1260 lbs 573 kg
Weight (filled) : 3510 lbs 1595 kg
Floor Loading : 145 lb/ft2 66 kg/m2
Drain Size : 3" 8 cm
Electrical Specifications
230 V 60 Hz Single Phrase
50 Hz Available - Special Order

Rating at Full Load: 30 A 7.2 KW - ystems-for-people/hydro-track-underwater - -treadmill-features-and-specifications
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General: Did the device perform according to manufacturer specifications just before dismantling? Awaiting Confirmation
General: Is the device under confiscation? Awaiting Confirmation
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General: Is the device still installed? Awaiting Confirmation
General: Are you the owner of the device? Awaiting Confirmation
General: Are there any visual or non visual damages? Awaiting Confirmation
General: Hardware / Software? Awaiting Confirmation
General: What is the date of manufacturing? Awaiting Confirmation
General: What is the estimated size of the needed package? Awaiting Confirmation
General: Is this system / equipment fully approved by the FDA ? Awaiting Confirmation
Manuals & Documentation: Is there a maintenance service logbook? Unknown
Manuals & Documentation: Is there a log of repair parts? Awaiting Confirmation
Sale Information
Payment methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card
Advance payment percentage: 100%
The item is not packed
Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
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Location: United States, California
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