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State : Minnesota

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Device: Cine Projector
Manufacturer: Tagarno
Model: 35AX-XENON
Location: United States, Minnesota
Rating: 92%

Cine Projector may also be referred to as :

Thirty-Five (35) mm Camera | Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit Accessories | Cardiac Film Projector | Cardiac Cine Projector | Cardiac Catheterization Equipment

Tips for buying Cine Projector

  1. Digital storage systems are gradually replacing cine projectors and cardiac film projectors.
  2. The average archiving costs of film from a cine projector is $100 per patient, while digital storage of cardiac catheterization data only costs a few dollars per patient study.
  3. There is a standard for cine projector storage media, file formatting, and digital image retrieval/processing. In early 1995, network image transfer of x-ray angiographic and radiographic/ fluoroscopic images was added to the standard.
  4. Facilities should use these standards to eliminate problems with acquiring, storing, and transferring digital angiographic images and information from different manufacturers and imaging modalities.
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