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Data Management System, Anesthesia may also be referred to as :

Recorder, Long-Term, Anesthesia Management | Information System, Anesthesia | Computerrized Information System, Anesthesiology | Anesthesia Record Keeper | Anesthesia Record | Anesthesia Medical Record | Anesthesia Information Management System | Anesthesia Database Management System | Anesthesia Patient Record

Tips for buying Data Management System, Anesthesia

  1. The following processing capabilities are offered by these anesthesia data management systems: scheduling by OR, patient case and personnel; predefined or customized anesthesia patient record generation; artifact filtering to identify and process suspected artifacts and quality assurance.
  2. The system's database should provide automatic backup capabilities, long-term storage for archived reports, anesthesia archiving record keeper, and maintenance of database integrity.
  3. For higher efficiency, the anesthesia information management system must interface with the appropriate monitors.
  4. The following tasks should be performed by the anesthesia data management system: quality assurance checks, tracking patient outcomes, drug use analyses, narcotic controls, and equipment use analyses.
  5. Additional equipment may we required when connecting distant computers. This can include modems, fiber optic cables, and special conduits.
  6. It is extremely important to plan the anesthesia patient record unit installation carefully. Special attention should be given to airflow, the use of floor space, and cable management.
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