Dental Restoration System - Sirona -  InLab InEos X5

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Dentistry/Dental Laboratory
Device: Dental Restoration System
Manufacturer: Sirona
Model: InLab InEos X5
Condition: New
Year manufactured: 2016
Location: Singapore
Unit Price: 12,000.00 USD
Comments: Prices may change at a time.
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Item Description
Dentsply Sirona inEos X5 Digital Scanner, Includes computer and software dongle.

The inEos X5 can be used to scan impressions and models of all or part of the jaw manually or automatically. The new operating concept increases flexibility for the user so that the scanning process can be optimally integrated into the workflow of the laboratory. While the manual scanning mode saves time for simpler operations, the fully automatic scanning mode has its benefits especially with regard to extensive operations: It shortens the work time and reduces the steps required by the user. In addition, the data volume is optimized and the subsequent calculation of the model is accelerated.

High-tech camera with many advantages
Like its predecessor, the inEos Blue, the fast scanning speed of the inEos X5 is unsurpassed. The large image field allows the camera to capture four to five teeth per image and an entire jaw with a total of five images. This is how it digitalizes one single crown in less than ten seconds, a three-unit bridge construction in only 30 seconds, as well as an entire jaw in less than one minute. A completely new optical system is used for the scan, which is based on the digital pattern projection: The considerably improved accuracy of less than 12 µm and the camera’s autofocus guarantee high-quality scan data that is also suitable for procedures that require the highest degree of accuracy, such as the most demanding implant operations. Due to the camera’s greater depth of definition, the inEos X5 can also capture the entire jaw including the palate, which makes it possible to create a digital construction of model casting works.

Improved handling for new and experienced users
With an innovative five-axis technology including rotation arm and intelligent scan planning, the inEos X5 positions and captures models with all indications automatically. This standardises the images, eliminates user error and speeds up the imaging process. That means that new users in particular can digitalize traditional procedures without requiring significant training. Altogether, the inEos X5 stands out due to its easy handling: The large and open operating area allows all standard articulators to be positioned as well as quick access to the model. With the universal model and impression tray holder, all conventional model support and split cast systems, as well as impression trays in all sizes, can also be used. The multi-die scanning offers advantages in cases where the proximal contacts cannot be seen well and in the fabrication of frameworks and copings for single restorations. With this function, up to four prepared stumps can be positioned in a special holder and digitalized at the same time.

A combination of manual and fully automatic operation
High accuracy
Time savings and improved workflow due to the five-axis technology and autofocus
Large scan field and good depth of definition
Multi-die scanning for up to four individual stumps
Universal model and articulator holders
Easy handling
Sale Information
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Does the seller accept returns? Yes
Return valid for: 30 days after buyer's receipt of the item
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Period: 24 months
Warranty type: Labor & Material - prorate
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Dental Restoration System may also be referred to as: Chairide CAD/CAM Restorations
Seller details
Contact person: Rangga Prasetyo
Phone number: 62-0858-8293 0188
Location: Singapore
Business type: Medical Clinic
Seller's language(s): English, Catalan
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