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Manufacturer : Omron Healthcare

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Device: ECG Holter
Manufacturer: Omron Healthcare
Model: HCG-801
Location: United States, Maryland

ECG Holter may also be referred to as :

Scanner, Electrocardiography | Holters Monitor | Ambulatory Monitor | ECG Holter System | EKG Holter System

Tips for buying ECG Holter

  1. Ambulatory monitor scanners should provide a time and heart-rate display, full disclosure, and pacemaker analysis.
  2. ECG Holter units should be reading recordings at 60-240 times the recording speed.
  3. Facilities should select the data archiving methods.
  4. To receive transferred data from the recorder, a real-time scanner should have an electronic interface.
  5. For all types of beats - normal, ventricular, and supraventricular - the reports should indicate total beats and a beat per hour.
  6. The following are required ECG Holter features: an arrhythmia detection indicator, ST segment analysis capability, trend graphs for the R.R interval, ST segment deviation, and ventricular beats.
  7. When using an ECG Holter,  the following data should appear on the patient's strip: the time, patient identification, heart rate, and arrhythmias; full disclosure must be expanded on the strip.
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