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Device: ECG Scanner
Manufacturer: Marquette
Location: United Arab Emirates

ECG Scanner may also be referred to as :

Scanner, Long Term Recording, ECG | Holter Reporter | Holter Monitor | Electrocardiographic Scanner | Electrocardiographic Recorder | EKG Long Term Scanner | EKG Scanner | ECG Holter Scanner | ECG Holter Reader | Ambulatory Recorder | Ambulatory Monitor | ECG Scanner, Long-Term Recording

Tips for buying ECG Scanner

  1. The time spent by cardiologists interpreting ECG results can be decreased significantly using computerized electrocardiography.
  2. Some cardiologists find this beneficial, while others feel it eliminates the necessary additional diagnostic accuracy that can be provided by the physician.
  3. The purchase price, as well as the life cycle costs of portable systems, varies depending on the recording medium, number of input leads, storage capabilities, and degree of technician involvement.
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