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Manufacturer : Physiometrix

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Device: EEG Unit
Manufacturer: Physiometrix
Model: PSA4000
Location: United States, Missouri
Rating: 73%

EEG Unit may also be referred to as :

Recorder, Graphic, Encephalography | Recorder, Graphic, Electroencephalography | Monitor, Encephalographic, Fetal | Fetal Encephalographic Monitor | Encephalograph | Electroencephalographic Recorder | Electroencephalogram Recorder | EEG Recorder | EEG Machine | Electroencephalograph

Tips for buying EEG Unit

  1. These units are offered with a wide range of analytical software programs. Users may upgrade in many cases to answer a specific user's needs.
  2. The available features include brain mapping and sleep studies, video EEG capabilities, and optical disk storage.
  3. Results should be printed with the following data: the montage, filter and gain settings, horizontal and vertical scale, events, date, time, and patient identification.
  4. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to specify the following: the number of patient records that can be stored on either the local hard drive and on removable media; whether the device could compress data files; the battery type and maximum operation time; availability and pricing of any additional capabilities offered as options, such as: spike and seizure; detection algorithms; EP and electromyography; sleep diagnostics; digital video; photo-stimulation; other physiologic monitoring parameters.
  5. A low-battery indicator should be available. For rechargeable batteries, after complete depletion it should take no more than 16 hours to reach full charge.
  6. Units that are used for ambulatory recording should use removable data storage media.
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