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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Neurology
Device: EEG Unit
Manufacturer: Cadwell Laboratories
Model: Easy III
Condition: As is
Year manufactured: 2012
Location: Poland, Warminsko
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 7,200.00 USD
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Item Description
Cadwell Easy III PSG EEG system includes laptop, 32 channel amplifier with 8 DC channels, PSG Remote Color Coded Input Box, power com module, inter-connecting cables.

heavy-duty hard pelican case.

factory new photic stimulato

Optional LED IR camera that connects to laptop and is integrated into system via Q-Video software already installed

Cadwell Easy III PSG EEG machine is certified to proper operating specifications by Cadwell, in excellent condition, and includes a 90 day warranty.

The Cadwell Easy III PSG system has an intuitive and customizable user interface, a variety of innovative amplifier options and many advanced features that represent a new standard of excellence for the world of polysomnography. The system is designed to satisfy the changing requirements of the sleep diagnostic market place. Multiple amplifier configurations are available for the sleep disorders center. Innovative digital video software allows the user to display video movement as a channel in recording montages.

• Intuitive software with many powerful user-friendly features.

• Advanced amplifier designs deliver unsurpassed signal quality.

• Rapid scoring, review and report generation help make your lab more efficient.

• Comprehensive information management system with strong networking and remote access features.

Cadwell Easy III PSG EEG Machine incorporates the latest developments in amplifier design and signal processing to provide unprecedented performance. This compact self-contained data acquisition system includes 32 AC channels, seven of which are active reference pairs, and eight DC channels. Convenient visible and IR light detectors on the amplifier verify “lights on” and “lights off.” The Cadwell Easy III software is compatible with Easy II and Easy Ambulatory systems, providing a convenient upgrade path and an integrated solution for the laboratory.

With the Cadwell Easy III everything you need is right at the bedside. LEDs on the amplifier verify network connection and assure that data are being acquired and transmitted. Electrode impedance can be measured both at the amplifier and at the system computer. Recessed electrode and connector ports provide strain relief to insure that all cables are securely connected. The Easy III amplifier uses a standard network connection, making computer upgrades and changes to laboratory layout easy.

Cadwell Easy III 54 Channel PSG Amplifier:

The Cadwell Easy III Amplifier can be configured with 54 channels or more to meet the complex needs of sleep centers. The amplifier has an integrated impedance measurement panel to allow the technician to quickly verify impedance levels. The Cadwell amplifier includes 8 DC inputs, ambient light detection, and Cadwell’s EasyNet input connectors. Cadwell EasyNet connectors provides an on the body network of plug and play modules for oximetry, nasal pressure airflow, body position, and limb movement. The amplifier can be placed on a bedside table or mounted on the wall with a bracket. Connection from the amplifier hardware to the computer is achieved through an Ethernet connection in the Easy III computer. Cadwell offers several input box configurations that are color coded to simplify patient setup. Patient input boxes have a detachable 10 or 20 foot (3 or 6 meter) cable.

Cadwell Easy III Software Design:

Patient information can be entered via the Cadwell Easy III Scheduler. Patient data that has been previously entered into the system is easily imported into new recordings. Data collection can be initiated directly from the patient scheduler, or started by launching the Cadwell Easy III software. Cadwell Easy III provides multiple workspace views that allow users to preconfigure multiple montages in different epoch durations. Additional views are just a click away. Default views can be created for single and dual monitor configurations. Physician access is simplified with default patient lists sorted by physician. The clinical database uses SQL to query, summarize, and display database results.

Cadwell Easy III Network Design:

Cadwell Easy III synchronizes patient data over a network connection. Data can be stored locally, on the network, or at a specific location specified by the network support team. The system can be configured to allow access across the network or from remote locations. Record management utilities allow recorded data to be manually or automatically copied or moved to specified locations.

Cadwell Easy III Q-Video:

MPEG-4 video compression, along with Cadwell’s proprietary Q-Video technology allows the user to quickly identify movement during data aquisition. Video resolution and frame rate are adjustable on-thefly to create the desired results. The Q-Video editor allows for rapid editing and downsizing of the video files as needed before archiving. Using Q-Video, a unique technology developed by the engineers at Cadwell, movement is depicted with color making it easy to identify.

Cadwell’s convenient EasyNet modules, remote input boxes and other accessories create a real body area network on the patient and make test preparation easy, fast and comfortable for the patient. EasyNet modules are the lightest and most compact sensors available for a variety of parameters, including SpO2, body position, nasal pressure, and limb movement. The Cadwell EasyNet system optimizes cable management and provides unprecedented freedom of movement for the patient. Cadwell EasyNet modules are used for both inlab and ambulatory studies and are fully compatible with both Easy III and Easy Ambulatory systems.
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