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Device: Electroconvulsive Therapy Unit
Manufacturer: Somatics
Model: Thymatron II
Location: Germany, Hamburg

Electroconvulsive Therapy Unit may also be referred to as :

Electroshock Unit | Electroshock Apparatus | Electroshock | ECT | ECT Machine | Convulsator

Tips for buying Electroconvulsive Therapy Unit

  1. ECT devices should be capable of administering a charge of up to 1,200 mill coulombs.
  2. Lower charge doses are usually sufficient for most severely depressed patients.
  3. Some studies show that a few extremely ill patients, for whom no other alternative exists, need doses of this magnitude for effective treatment.
  4. Designs that use a footswitch to trigger the convulsive stimulus are not recommended because the risk of accidental activation; however, at least one model has a foot-switch that requires deliberate action by the operator, preventing inadvertent triggering of the device.
  5. Buyers should check the compliance of any existing information systems with a new system.
  6. Some units have hinged protective hands to prevent inadvertent activation.
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