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Ergometer may also be referred to as :

Ergometer | Bicycle Stress-Test | Bicycle Ergometer | Ergometer, Bicycle | Exercise Bike

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ECG cable 10 leads

Device: Ergometer

Manufacturer: Viasys Healthcare

Model: Ergoline 800

Name / Number: ECG cable 10 leads

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Tips for buying Ergometer Parts

  1. When purchasing ergometers, these factors should be considered: stability, ease of maintenance, adjustable seat and handlebar height, and ease of mounting.
  2. To facilitate stress exercise, facilities may wish to add programmable protocols, but these add to the cost of the bicycle ergometer.
  3. To ensure the accuracy of workload measurements, the bicycle ergometer requires periodic calibration and adjustment. The reason is that the resistive element in a mechanical ergometer is subject to wear.
  4. Calibration and adjustments may often be a complex process, depending on the type of braking system used.
  5. Facilities can buy this equipment for use by in-house service personnel.
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