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Esophageal Motility Analyzer may also be referred to as :

Esophageal Motility Monitor | Digitrapper | Manometry Equipment | Motility Equipment

Tips for buying Esophageal Motility Analyzer

  1. All systems should include sufficient storage space on both permanent drives and writable media to permit the archiving and transfer of test results. They should also allow networking with other computers and information systems.
  2. Multiple pressure channels allow more complete analysis of the swallowing reflex without the need to reposition the catheter.
  3. Usually, ambulatory devices require fewer monitoring channels than systems intended for hospital use. Systems are considered more flexible and can better aid in the diagnosis of conditions such as GERD when they have the ability to monitor other variables, such as pH.
  4. Manufacturers offer many types of esophageal motility analyzers - each with its own level of sophistication.
  5. Optional features offered by some manufacturers include ambulatory units for 24-hour studies, direct link to computers to calculate and graphically display peak and average pressures, wave velocities, sphincter volumes, and other information, and software packages to perform these functions in real time.
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