Exam Light - SEMED (Snell Electric Co) -  KD-201-1

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Health Facility
Device: Exam Light
Manufacturer: SEMED (Snell Electric Co)
Model: KD-201-1
Condition: New
Location: China, Jiangsu
Unit Price: 88.00 USD
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Item Description
KD-201D-1 General halogen examination lamp
Halogen lamp lighting. High temperature color filter is equipped with the lampshade. The color temperature can reaches above 4500K. The bulbs is fixed with a spring, easy to change. Lamp holder can be bent 90 degrees, rotated 90 degrees. This design increases the lighting area and reduces the length of the hose part.

Freely bent
Simple structure and cheap price
Various stand available

Vol - tage: AC95V~240 50HZ~60HZ V
Power: 35 W
Color Temperature: 3200 K
Life of Bulb: 2000 h
Net Weight: 6.92 kg
Package Size: 80*50*16 mm
Sale Information
Period: 18 months
Warranty type: Material
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Exam Light may also be referred to as: Illuminator | Flood Light | Exam Lamp
Seller details
Snell Industrial Co.,Ltd
Contact person: Michael Chen
Phone number: 86-25-66030378
Location: China, Jiangsu
Business type: Manufacturer
Seller's language(s): English, Chinese
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