Used Feeding Pump - Kendall -  Kangaroo EntriFlush

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The manufacturer & model of this item are also known as:
Kangaroo EntriFlush - Sherwood-davis & Geck
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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Gastroenterology
Device: Feeding Pump
Manufacturer: Kendall
Model: Kangaroo EntriFlush
Condition: As is
Location: United States, Texas
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 795.00 USD
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Item Description
Kangaroo Entriflush Enteral Feeding Pump . Preowned with Good Condition.
The Kangaroo Entriflush Enteral Feeding Pump accurately delivers both nutritional formula and free water in one application while saving nursing time and reducing the number of clogged feeding tubes.
The Kangaroo Entriflush is a programmable flush pump. It can be set to deliver both nutrition and hydration.
Programmable flush dose: Allows for varying amounts of water to be delivered.
Programmable flush interval: Allows for intermittent flushing and hydration.
"Flush now" feature: Allows for a flush at anytime maintaining feeding tube patency.
Automatic priming: Makes priming fast and easy.
Anti-free flow safeguard: Prevents free flow of nutrition to the patient.
Ability to preset a dose to be delivered: Allows for intermittent or bolus feeding.
Retains all settings in memory for 16 hours after pump is shutoff: Provides a quick start solution for patients on the same daily regimen.
Feed and Flush total volume indicator: Allows for simple recording of volume delivered.
Large LED displays and keypad data entry: Allows for easy to read data collection and recording.
Its No Set alarm helps to minimize the occurrence of free flow.
Pump mechanism: Rotary Peristaltic.
Pump Set Required: KANGAROO.
Formula Infusion Rate Range: a) 1150ml-hr in 1ml-hr increments b) 150300ml-hr in 5ml-hr increments.
Formula Dose Range: a) 1150ml in 1ml increments b) 1502000ml in 5ml increments.
Flushing Solution Infusion Rate: 1000ml-hr.
Flushing Solution Dose Range: 10250ml in 5ml increments.
Flushing Solution interval Range: 18hrs in 1hr increments.
Accuracy: +/-10% of selected flow rate.
Occlusion pressure: 12psi (83kPa) nominal, 15psi (103kPa) maximum.
Alarms: Feed Error, Flush Error, Low Battery, Hold Error, No Set, System Error, Dose Delivered, Internal Circuit Problem, Bad Set.
Battery: Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable; Battery Life: 8hrs at 125ml-hr setting.
Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 1Amp.
Dimensions: 101-3"h x 61-10"w x 41-5"d (26.2cm x 15.5cm x 10.7cm).
Weight: Approximately 5.21lbs (2.4kg).
Case Material: ABS plastic flame retardant.
Qty - 1 Kangaroo Entriflush Enteral Feeding Pump
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Cosmetic - Good
Working - Good
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