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Device: Film Duplicator
Manufacturer: Blu-ray
Model: BXR Mk II
Location: United States, California

Film Duplicator may also be referred to as :

X-ray Film Copier | Radiographic Duplicating Printer | Film Duplicator | X-ray Film Duplicator

Tips for buying Film Duplicator

  1. The quality of duplicated films is good only for reference purposes.
  2. When using a film duplicator for archiving, it should be capable of processing 100 films per hour; the maximum size of the duplicates should be 35 × 43 cm.
  3. Facilities planning to buy a new film duplicator should consider the number and types of applications for which it will be used. When there is no immediate need for the device, users should continue using their current systems until they buy a digital system. Digital imaging systems are causing film duplicators to become obsolete.
  4. Digital systems are expensive, but they can produce as many copies of an image as required, they may reduce record management costs, and archive images more efficiently.
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