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Device: CR System
Manufacturer: Agfa
Model: CR 85-X
Location: United States, Florida

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Device: Film Scanner
Manufacturer: Vidar
Model: DiagnosticPro plus
Location: Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Device: Film Scanner
Manufacturer: Lumisys
Model: Lumiscan 75
Location: United States, Texas

Film Scanner may also be referred to as :

X-ray Film Scanner | X-ray Film Digitizer | Image Digitizer, Radiographic | Film Scanner | Film Digitizer

Tips for buying Film Scanner

  1. When choosing a Radiographic Image Digitizer (film scanner), facilities should consider image quality and the film throughput to meet a facility's specific needs. Scanning speed and auto-loading capacity should also be considered.
  2. Before purchasing an x-ray film scanner, facilities should consider the following: number of images digitized daily in the department; level of image quality needed; user acceptance of image-processing features; availability of interfaces for connecting with the hospital PACS, radiology information system, and hospital information system; integration with a local area network or wide area network; space requirements for storage devices; service contracts for hardware, software and other maintenance costs.
  3. Importing film-based images into PACS or other systems, which is done by x-ray film scanners, can never produce a digitized image as precise as the original one.
  4. The best images are produced by modern radiographic image digitizers with good resolution, large field of view, and large grayscale ranges. These film scanner  units are expensive and require long scan times that may not be suitable for be clinical applications. These are high quality x-ray film scanners, whether they use laser or CCD technology.
  5. A higher resolution and a greater bit depth will result in better image quality.
  6. All new film scanner equipment should be compatible with DICOM 3.0.
  7. Facilities need to establish policies for handling digitization of film, non-digitized film storage, and generation of new films. They should also develop procedures and guidelines for digitizing current films and archived films if they decide to convert to an all-digital facility.
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