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Device: Gamma Knife
Manufacturer: Elekta
Model: Leksell 4200C
Location: United States, Florida

Gamma Knife may also be referred to as :

Headframe | Stereotactic Radiosurgical System, Gamma | Radiosurgical Unit, Stereotactic, Gamma | Radiosurgical System, Stereotactic | Gamma System | Gamma Radiosurgical System, Stereotactic | Gamma Radiosurgical Stereotactic System | Gamma Navigation System | Gamma Knife | Stereotactic System, Radiosurgical, Gamma

Tips for buying Gamma Knife

  1. Several clinical procedures, such as radio surgery, neurosurgery, microsurgery, and biopsies, should be able to a use stereotactic radiosurgical system, featuring a gamma knife.
  2. The following features should be available in treatment planning systems: removable media archival storage or connection to central storage, a film scanner, a color monitor, a keyboard and mouse, and  3-D planning software with graphics, digital imaging and communications in medicine compatibility, as well as dose computation and analysis features.
  3. The gamma navigation system’s headframes should be constructed of non-ferromagnetic materials for use with magnetic resonance and should be compatible with all cross-sectional imaging modalities, such as CT, DSA, MRI, PET, and X-ray. Headframes should be lightweight, around 1 kg.
  4. In most gamma knife headframes, fixation uses 2 to 4 carbon fiber or titanium pins or screws but some headframes use alternative fixation methods.
  5. Several target approaches should be allowed by the center-of-arc or target-centered arc system. These include lateral, parallel, posterior fossa, and hypophyseal.
  6. Method of approach confirmation should be available and target access should have a vertical range of >=150 mm, a lateral range of >=160 mm, and an anterior-posterior range of >=170 mm.
  7. In dedicated gamma radiosurgical systems, radiation sources should use more than 200 encapsulated 60Co sources.
  8. The gamma knife system should have tungsten collimators ranging from 4 to 18 mm in diameter.
  9. Systems that allow attachments can have up to 20 MV, but dedicated LINAC radio surgery systems should have 6 MV photon energies.
  10. Treatment delivery assemblies should be floor-mounted or wall-mounted with an isocentric accuracy of 0.5 mm for dedicated LINACs. Those mounted onto the LINAC should have an isocentric accuracy of 1 mm.
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