Used Gas Liquid Chromatograph - Hewlett Packard -  1090 Series II

Item 127993502

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Laboratory
Device: Gas Liquid Chromatograph
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Model: 1090 Series II
Condition: As is
Location: United States, California
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 5,000.00 USD
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Item Description
HP 1090 Series HPLC Liquid Chromatograph System
This unit was pulled from a working environment and appears to be in great shape.
I powered on the unit and the light comes on
No Computer Or Software Included.
Complete Product Description
The HP 1090 Series HPLC system, introduced in the early 80''s, is regarded to be an outstanding instrument in terms of performance and reliability. It was developed with the objective to create an HPLC system with optimized pump performance at 50-5000 ul/min flow rates and with a new type of detector that could acquire spectral data online. The result was a high performance solvent delivery system (DR5) and a new UV detector based on diode array detection technology (DAD)
HPLC 1090 system was introduced in 1983 and when it comes to performance and reliability, it is considered to be an outstanding instrument before the introduction of the modular designed HPLC.
Agilent HP 1090 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Repair, PM Preventative Maintenance, Support Service, QC/QA, Troubleshooting, Installation and ValidationHP 1090 HPLC?s pump is being considered as the best pump available in the market today. The delay volume of HP 1090 is comparable to that of the Agilent 1100 series binary pump.
The HP 1090 HPLC uses helium for solvent degassing. The good thing about using helium degassing is that there is no need for additional internal volume to be added and changing solvent in one channel only takes a few minutes.
HP 1090 injector has a glass syringe for metering devices. This device can be used at low pressures. If the solvent needs to be change or if an air bubble needs to be removed, it is advisable to use a special wash cycle in order to flush the syringe. Agilent HP 1090 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Repair, PM Preventative Maintenance, Support Service, QC/QA, Troubleshooting, Installation and Validation
Agilent HP 1090 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Repair, PM Preventative Maintenance, Support Service, QC/QA, Troubleshooting, Installation and ValidationThe HP 1090 Series performs a temperature control for its column compartment. This is being done by circulating the heated air inside the compartment and by preheating the eluent when it enters the compartment. Sometimes external cooling devices are needed to set the temperature right.
The goal of HP 1090 is to make sure the temperature in the column is the same on what it is being set. This was put into action by increasing the set temperature by previously estimated factor which was reliant on the flow rate and the set temperature.
It is legendary for introducing the first self metering pump which enables such superb precision.
This High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph is complete and consists of the following integrated modules:
I have no further way of testing this piece of equipment.
Please view the pictures for the condition of the actual unit being offered.
What you see is what you get.. If you don''t see it, Chances are it IS NOT included
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