Used Gas Liquid Chromatograph - Perkinelmer Wallac -  Clarus 500 GC

Item 118186551

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Laboratory
Device: Gas Liquid Chromatograph
Manufacturer: Perkinelmer Wallac
Model: Clarus 500 GC
Condition: As is
Location: Malaysia, Sabah
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 11,000.00 USD
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Item Description
Gas chromatography Perkin Elmer GC Clarus500 FID Autosampler FID Detector N65191

Clarus 500 Gas Chromatograph Features

Intuitive multi-language graphical touch screen is easy to use, no training required
Dual-channel, real-time signal display on the touch screen
Unique, revolutionary PreVent™ technology for enhancing productivity and throughput for most any sample
Flexible configurations with integrated mass spectrometry, headspace or thermal desorption
Rugged, proven design provides reliable performance year after year
Access to worldwide PerkinElmer service and support team

Change the way you look at gas chromatography!

The Clarus ® 500 Gas Chromatograph will revolutionize your GC experience with its sleek new design and user interface.

Confusing keypads and tiny screens have been replaced with a full-color, easy to use touch screen, so virtually no training is required.

The Clarus 500 also speaks 8 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese),

reducing the learning curve further while speeding routine interaction, thereby lowering your cost per analysis.

If you are in need of a complete system, PerkinElmer is the only supplier that manufactures and sells a complete

single-vendor solution—from sample handling to data handling.
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Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Cash, PayPal
Advance payment percentage: 100%
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Does the seller accept returns? Yes
Return valid for: 30 days after buyer's receipt of the item
Allowed refund types: Money back, Exchange, Credit Note
Return shipping & handling will be paid by the buyer
The item is not packed
Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
Period: 3 months
Warranty type: Labor & Material
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Location: Malaysia, Sabah
Business type: Dealer
Seller's language(s): English
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