Used Gas Liquid Chromatograph - Thermoquest Ce Instruments -  TRACE GC 2000

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Laboratory
Device: Gas Liquid Chromatograph
Manufacturer: Thermoquest Ce Instruments
Model: TRACE GC 2000
Condition: As is
Location: Germany
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 7,600.00 USD
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Item Description
ThermoQuest TraceGC 2000 Gas Chromatograph

With AS 2000 Autosampler, PolarisQ Mass Spectrometer, Direct Probe Controller and Probe

In good condition and full working order


1 x ThermoQuest TraceGC 2000 Gas Chromatograph

1 x AS 2000 Autosampler

1 x AS 2000 Autosampler Controller

1 x Finnigan PolarisQ Mass Spectrometer

1 x Direct Probe Controller

1 x Direct Insertion Probe 119300-ODIP In Hard Case

2 x Ion Volume Holder 119324-0001

1 x Ion Volume Insertion/Removal Tool In Hard Case

2 x TraceGC Ion Volume Holder 70001-20532

1 x PolarisQ Ion Volume Holder 119650-0220

1 x Unmarked Ion Volume Holder

1 x Unmarked Head

1 x Small Glass Vial

2 x Edwards RV3 Rotary Vane Pumps

1 x Xcalibur 1.2 PolarisQ Software CD 120026

1 x Xcalibur Library NIST/EPA/NIH FM101106

1 x Site Preperation Help File Floppy

7 x Cables

2 x Maintenance Logs

10 x Instruction Manuals

Various Spares


Trace GC 2000

Alternative Carriers: Air, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon-methane

Alternatives (Staining Stations): Autosampling, sub- ambient, valve oven, purge and trap

Type (Configuration): Alone or with MS

Power Needed, VAC (Energy): 230, 2,200W

Exhaust Vent (Integrator): Yes, rear venting

Columns Capillary(narrow bore, 0.1-0.75 µm), packed

Temp range, (Auto Mode Patient): 99

Heating, deg. c/min (Oven): 120

Cooling, deg. c/min (Oven): 450 to 50/4

No. of ramps (Oven): 7


Dimensions (HXWXD) CM, (IN): 44.4x 64.8 x 55.8 (17.5x 25.5 x 22)

Weight, kg (lb): 60(132)

Injection Point (Oven): On-column cool split/splitless

Automatic sampler (oven): Single or dual

PolarisQ Features

Mass range of 10 – 1000 amu

Wide spectral/quantitative dynamic range

Combination EI/CI ion volume

Removable ion volumes

± 10 kV conversion dynode

Powerful Xcalibur data system

Full-scan EI mode for identifying unknowns - library search information

MS/MS and MSn modes for targeting difficult compounds

PCI for molecular weight confirmation

NCI (ECD-MS) for ultimate sensitivity and selectivity

Simultaneous full-scan MS and MS/MS in a single analysis

Variable damping gas option for enhanced sensitivity

PPINICI – hardware/software option with alternating PCI/NCI scans

Data Dependent scanning option for advanced spectral pattern recognition

Vacuum interlock

Liquid and headspace autosamplers

DEP/DIP solids probes

High-capacity, 250 L/s turbopump system

Two positions available for traditional GC detectors

AS2000 Autosampler Specifications

Suitable for capillary, packed and true cold on-column injectors

Injection volume in 0.1μL steps

Injection speed from 1 to 100μL/sec

Filling speed from 1 to 100μL/sec

Needle dwell time from 1 sec to 63 sec

Cleaning cycles with sample/solvent from 0 to 15

Automatic internal standard addition

Priority sample introduction

Detection of needle integrity

90-position sample tray

Four 10mL solvent vials

50mL waste vial

Programmable from data station, GC keypad or control module
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Advance payment percentage: 100%
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