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Used Healthcare Information Technology Equipment

Acquisition Work Station Add-on Software for Ultrasonic Imaging Aesthetic Imaging Ambulatory Monitor
Ancillary Information System Help
Cardiology Information System
Information System, Radiology
Anesthesia Database Management System Anesthesia Information Management System Anesthesia Medical Record Anesthesia Patient Record Anesthesia Record Anesthesia Record Keeper Antiabduction System Antielopement System Antiwandering System Aoutomatic Dispensing Asset Identification System Asset Security System Asset Tracking System
Bar-Coded Automated Medication Dispensing System Barcode Printer Barcode Reader Barcoded Information System, Data Management Bedside Computer System Bedside Information System Body Photography System
Cardiology Computer System Cardiology Data Management System Cardiology Information System Cardionavigator Central Hospital Nurse Call System Clinical Laboratory Computer System Computer, Image Analysis and Archives Computer, Mainframe, Laboratory Computerized Information System Computerized Information System, Dermatology Computerized Medical Record Computerized Patient Record Computerized Radiology System Computerrized Information System, Anesthesiology Computers, Radiology Information Management System Controlled Dispensing Controlled-Access Medication Cabinet
Data Management System, Anesthesia Data Management System, ECG Data Management System, Radiology Dictation System, Digital Digital Dictation System Digital Dictophon Digital Recorder Digital Versatile Disc Player Digital Video Disc Player Digital Voice Recording System Digital Voice System Display Monitor Drug Delivery System Dry Camera DVD & VCR
ECG Data Management System Electrocardiography Data Management System Electronic Asset Surveillance (EAS) System Emergency Call System Endoscopy Monitor Endoscopy Printer
Facial Photography System
Geriatric Patient Tracking/Security System
HD Monitor High Resolution Display High Resolution Medical Video Monitor High Resolution Screen Hospital Equipment Control System Hospital Information System Hospital Information System, Radiology
Identification Tracking Security System, Asset-Person Identification Tracking System, Person/Asset Identification-Security System, Patient Information and Image Management, Cardiology Information System, Anesthesia Information System, Bedside Information System, Cardiology Information System, Data Management, Barcode Information System, Dermatology Information System, Hospital Equipment Control Information System, Inventory Control Information System, Laboratory Information System, Materials Management Information System, Pharmacy Information System, Physician Practice Information System, Physician Practice Management Information System, Radiology Information System, X-ray
Intercommunication System Help
Information System, Radiology
Nurse Call System
Inventory Control System
Label Printer Laboratory Management System
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Large Video Display LCD LIS
Mammography Reporting System Mamography Information System Material Management Computer System Material Management Information System Medical Data Processor Medical Signal Analyzer Medical Video Monitor Medication Control System Medication Dispensing Automated System
Medication Management System Help
Material Management Information System
Medication Management System
Medication Management System, Decentralized MMIS Monitor for Medical Imaging MPEG/JPEG Management System
Nurse Call System Nurse Emergency Call Station Nurse Hospital Information System
PACS PACS Station Patient and Asset Tracking System Patient Charting System Patient Elopement Prevention System Patient Monitor for Vital Signs Patient Monitor, Telemetric Patient Record Patient Security System Patient Wandering Prevention System Patient-Nurse Comminication System Person Tracking System Personal Emergency Response System Personal Emergency Signaling Device Pharmaological Data Management System Physician Order System Physician Practice Computer System Physician Practice Information System Physician Practice Management System Physiologic Monitoring System, Telemetric Physiologic Monitoring System, Telemetric, ECG Monitor, Telemetric Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
Point-of-Care Information System Help
Hospital Information System
Barcode Reader
Point-of-Care Medication Dispensing System
Point-of-Care Testing Network Help
Hospital Information System
Barcode Reader
Practice Management System Printer Printer, Dry-Processing Printer, Thermal Procurement Data Management System
Radiographic Workstation Radiology Computer System Radiology Data Management System Radiology Information System Radiology Information System (RIS) Radiology Management System Radiology Thermo Printer Radiology Workstation Recorder, Long-Term, Anesthesia Management Remote Conference System RIS
Signaling Device, Personal Emergency Help
Information System, Radiology
Nurse Call System
Software for Ultrasonic Imaging Supply Chain Data Management System
Teleconferencing System, Video Teleconsultation System Telemedicine Videoconferencing System Telemetry Monitor Telemetry Unit Telemetry Unit, Physiologic Telemetry Unit, Physiologic, Multichannel Telemetry Unit, Physiologic, Pressure Television Monitor Transensor
Video Cassette Recorder Video Conference System Video Conferencing Equipment Video Monitor Video Printer Video Recorder Video Teleconferencing System Video/Picture Management System Video/Picture Storage and Processing System Videoconferencing System, Telemedicine Vital Signs Monitor Voice Recorder VTC Unit
Wandering Prevention System Working List System Workstation, Bedside
X-ray Information System X-ray Printer