Used Home Care Equipment

AC-DC Aspirator
Air Bed Help
Alternating Pressure Bed
Alternating Pressure Mattress
Air Blender Air Cleaner Air Filtration System, Portable Air Fluidized and Low Air Loss Bed Air Mixer Air-Fluidized Bed Air-Fluidized Support System Air-Pressure Mattress Air-Warming Unit, Convective
Alarm, Apnea Help
Apnea Monitor
Apnea Alarm
Alarm, Breathing Circuit Alarm, Occupancy
Alarm, Ventilation Help
CO2 Monitor
Apnea Alarm
Alternating Pressure Bed Alternating Pressure Mattress Ambulator Ambulatory Insulin Infusion Pump
Ambulatory Monitor Help
Telemetry Monitor
ECG Scanner
Ambulatory Recorder Help
ECG Scanner
Portable ECG
Analgesia Unit, Intravenous Analyzer, Laboratory, Blood, Glucose Anesthetic Gas Module Ankle Brace Ankle Walker Antielopement System Antiwandering System APM
Apnea Alarm Help
Apnea Monitor
Apnea Alarm
Apnea Alarm, Airway Apnea Monitor Apnea Monitor, Neonatal Apnea Monitor, Recording Armpit Thermometer Artificial Kidney Machine Aspirator Aspirator, Emergency Automatic Blood Pressure Meter Axillary Thermometer
Baro Chamber Barron Food Pump Bath Patient Lift Bath, Whirlpool Battery Powered Wheelchair Battery-Powered Emergency Aspirator Bed Alert System Bed Warmer Bed, Air-Fluidized Bed, Children Bed, Electric, Alternating Pressure, Air-Fluidized Bed, Infant Bed, Neonatal Bed, Pediatric Beds Availability System BIA Bicycle Ergometer Bicycle Stress-Test Bilirubinometer Bilirubinometer, Cutaneous Bilirubinometr Bioimpedance Body Composition Analyzer BiPAP Blood Gas Monitor, Oxygen Blood Glucose Analyzer Blood Pressure Holter Blood Pressure Monitor Body Composition Scale Body Fat Analyzer Bottled Gases Bottled Gases Cart
Breathing Circuit Alarm Help
CO2 Monitor
Apnea Alarm
Breathing Circuit Monitor Help
CO2 Monitor
Apnea Alarm
Breathing Monitors BTE Aid
Capno Check Capnocheck Capnometer Carbon Dioxide Analyzer, End-Tidal
Carbon Dioxide Monitor Help
CO2 Monitor
Medical Gas Monitor
Carbon Dioxide Monitor, End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Monitor, Exhaled Gas Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Monitor Carbon Dixoide Cart Cardiorespiratory Monitor Cardiotocograph Chair Scale Chamber, Hyperbaric Chamber, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Hyperbaric, Monoplace Chamber, Hyperbaric, Multiplace Cholesterol Analyzer Cholesterol Screening Cholesterol Test Kit Cholesterol Tester CIC Aid Circulating-Fluid Warming Unit Circulatory Assist Unit, Intermittent / Stocking, Compression / Pneumatic Circulatory Assistant, Intermittent Circulatory Assistant, Intermittent, Stocking, Compression Cleaner, Ultrasonic CO2 Monitor Compression Unit, Intermittent Compression Unit, Intermittent / Sequential, Stocking, Compression, Pneumatic Constant Passive Motion Continues Oxygen Monitor Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Unit Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Unit Continuous Positive Pressure Breathing (CPPB) Unit Continuous Ventilator Controller, Temperature, Humidifier Convective Air-Warming Unit Cool Mist Tent Cooling Blanket Cooling System CPAP CPAP Unit CPM CPPB Unit Croupette Crutches Cutaneous Bilirubinometer Cylinder Cart
Decompression Chamber Decubitus Ulcer Preventation Mattress Dialysis Unit Diathermy Unit, Physical Therapy Doppler Device DVT Prevention Device
Ear Thermometer ECG Holter Reader ECG Holter Scanner ECG Recorder ECG Recorder (EKG) ECG Recorder Single-Channel ECG Scanner ECG Scanner, Long-Term Recording ECG Single Channel EKG EKG Long Term Scanner EKG Recorder EKG Scanner Elbow Brace Electric Wheelchair Electrical Impedance Body Composition Analyzers
Electrocardiographic Recorder Help
ECG Scanner
Portable ECG
Electrocardiographic Scanner Help
ECG Scanner
Portable ECG
Electrocardiographs, Single-Channel Electronic Thermometer Emergency Aspirator Enteral Feeding Pump Enteric Pump Epidural Analgesia Unit Ergometer Ergometer, Bicycle Exercise Bike Exercise Chair Exercise Device Exerciser, Continuous Passive Motion, Limbs Exerciser, Passive Motion, Limbs Exerciser, Treadmill Exhaled Carbon Dioxide Monitor
Facial Steamer Fat / Lean Ratio Scale Feeding Pump Fetal ECG Monitor Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Fetal Monitor Food Pump Forced-Air Hyperthermia Unit Forced-Air Warming Unit
Gas Module Gas Monitor Gases Module Glucocheck Glucometer Glucose Analyzer
Haemodialysis Machine Hard-of-hearing Aid Hearing Aid Heated Humidifier Hemodialysis Machine Hemodialysis Unit High Frequency Chest-Wall Oscillation Device
Holter Monitor Help
ECG Scanner
Portable ECG
Holter Reporter Home Care Respirator Home Care Ventilator Home Wheel Chair Hospital Beds Hydrotherapy Bath Hyper Pressure Chamber Hyper-Oxygen Chamber Hyperbaric Chamber Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Hyperthermia Unit Hyperthermia Unit, Circulating-Fluid Hyperthermia Unit, Forced-Air HypoHyperthermia System HypoHyperthermia Unit HypoHyperthermia Unit, Circulating-Fluid HypoHyperthermia Warming/Cooling System Hypothermia Unit Hypothermia Warmer
Impedance Pneumograph Bedside Monitor Impedance Pneumograph Monitor Indirect Bilirubinometer Indirect Cardiotocograph Infanette Infant Cradle Infant Scale Infant Scales Inflating Mattress Infusion Pump Infusion Pump, Demand Analgesia Infusion Pump, General-Purpose, Micro, Multichannel Infusion Pump, Micro Infusion Pump, Patient-Controlled Analgesic Infusion Pump, Syringe Insulin Delivery Insulin Injector Insulin Pump Intermittent Compression Unit Intermittent Pneumatic Compression System Intermittent Positive-Pressure Breathing Unit Intrathecal Analgesia Unit Intravenous Pole ITC Aid ITE Aid IV Pole IV Stand
Jaundice Meter
Kidney Machine Knee Brace Knee Exerciser
Laboratory Glassware Cleaner Laboratory Glucose Analyzer LAL Lateral Transfer Lift, Patient, Radiologic Limb Brace Limb Support Liquid Feeding Pump Liquid Oxygen System
L (Continued...)
Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure Mattress Lymph Drainage Lymphoedema Pump
Manual Wheelchair Mattress Warmer Mattress, Metabolic Mechanical Wheelchair Medical Gas Cylinder Medical Gas Monitor Medical Gases Monitor Medical Gases Tank Metabolic Analyzer Metabolic Mattress Microinfusion Pump Microinjector Mist Tent Mobile Air Filter Mobile Insulin Pump Mobile Oxygen Cylinder Cart Monitor, Medical Gases Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber Motorized Scooter Motorized Wheelchair Multichannel Infusion System Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber Multiple Medical Gas Monitor Multiple Medical Gas Monitor, Respired Multiple Medical Gas Monitor, Respired-Anesthetic Multiwavelength Oximeter Muscle Stimulator
Nebulizer Needle Free Injector Needle Free Syringe Needleless Injector Neonatal Monitor Nerve Stimulator Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator, Physical Therapy Neurostimulator Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Meter/Monitor and Additional Parameters Non-Wheeled Walker Nonpowered Wheelchair
Occupancy Alarm
Operating Room Monitor Help
CO2 Monitor
Pulse Oximeter
OR Monitor Help
CO2 Monitor
Pulse Oximeter
Oral Thermometer Oximeter, Ear Oximeter, Finger Oximeter, Pulse Oxygen Air Proportioner Oxygen Analyzer, Continuous Controlling Oxygen Blender Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Controller Oxygen Enricher Oxygen Generator Oxygen Mixer
Oxygen Monitor Help
Medical Gas Monitor
Pulse Oximeter
Oxygen Supplier Oxygen Supply System Oxygen Treatment Chamber Oxygen Trolley Oxygen Unit Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Monitor
Pad, Circulating-Fluid, Localized Heating-Cooling Pain Control Infusion Pump Pain Control Syringe Pump Passive Motion Exerciser, Limbs Patient Bed Patient Cooler Patient Cooling System Patient Cooling Unit Patient Elopement Prevention System Patient Heater Patient Heater/Cooler Patient Hoist Patient Insulin Pump Patient Lift, Transfer Patient Monitor for Vital Signs Patient Monitor, Telemetric Patient Oxigen Monitor Patient Thermometer Patient Transfer Lift Patient Wandering Prevention System
Patient Warmer Help
Hypothermia Unit
Patient Warmer
Patient Warmer, Air Patient Warming Unit Patient-Controlled Analgesia Unit Patient-Controlled Analgesic Pump PCA Pump Pediatric Bed Pediatric Scales Pen Injector Peristaltic Pump Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Stimulator Physiologic Monitoring System, Telemetric Physiologic Monitoring System, Telemetric, ECG Monitor, Telemetric Physioterapy Knee Exerciser Physioterapy Limb Exerciser Physiotherapy Bath Portable ECG Portable Oxygen Unit Portable Respirator Portable Ultrasonic Scanner Portable Ventilator Positive Pressure Ventilator Powered Wheelchair PressoTherapy Machine Pressure Alarm, Airway Pressure Infusion Pump Pulmonary Function Monitor Pulse Oximeter Pump IV Pump, Circulating-Fluid Pump, Enteral Feeding Pump, Food Pump, Hyperalimentation Pump, Infusion Pump, Intermittent Compression Pump, Lymphedema Pump, Volumetric Pushchair
Recorder, Electrocardiography Recorder, Long-Term, ECG, Portable Rectal Thermometer Rehabilitation Treadmill Remote Conference System Respiration Monitor Respiration Monitors Respirator Rollator
Scale, Chair Scale, Chair; Scale, Wheelchair Scale, Infant Scale, Pediatric Scanner, Long Term Recording, ECG Scanner, Ultrasonic, Dedicated Linear Array Scanner, Ultrasonic, Portable SCD Segmental Body Composition Analyzer Sequential Compression Device Shoulder Brace Single-Channel Electrocardiograph Small Wheels Chair Spinal Rehabilitation Equipment SpO2 Monitoring Stepper Stimulator, Electrical, Peripheral Nerve, Analgesic, Transcutaneous Stimulator, Electroanalgesic, TENS Stimulator, Electroanalgesic, Transcutaneous Stimulator, Electroanalgesic, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, Peripheral Nerve Stimulator, TENS Stimulator, Transcutaneous Electrical Blood Flow Stimulator, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stroller, Adaptive Stroller, Adult Subcutaneous Fat / Lean Analyzer
Syringe Pump Help
Syringe Pump
Pump IV
Teleconferencing System, Video Teleconsultation System Telemedicine Videoconferencing System Telemetry Monitor Telemetry Unit Telemetry Unit, Physiologic Telemetry Unit, Physiologic, Multichannel Telemetry Unit, Physiologic, Pressure TENS TENS Stimulator TENS Unit Tent, Aerosol Administration Tent, Croup Tent, Mist Therapeutic Tub
Thermometer Help
Ear Thermometer
Thermometer, Electronic Thermometer, Electronic, Intermittent Thermometer, Electronic, Thermistor-Thermocouple Thermometer, Infrared, Ear Time-Cycled Ventilator Total Body Warmer Track-Mounted Patient Transfer Lift Transcutaneous Electrical Blood Flow Stimulator Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator Transcutaneous Electroanalgesic Stimulator Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator Transensor Transfer Lift, Patient Treadmill Tympanic Thermometer
Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaning System Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor Ultrasonic Therapy System Ultrasonic Unit Ultrasonic Unit, Neuromuscular Stimulator, Physical Therapy Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit Ultrasound Scanner, Bladder Ultrasound Scanner, Portable Ultrasound Scanner, Urology Ultrasound Therapy System Ultrasound, Diagnostic, Portable Ultrasound, Portable Ultrsonic Bath Cleaner US Cleaner
Ventilation Alarm Help
CO2 Monitor
Apnea Alarm
Ventilation Alarms Ventilation Monitors Ventilator Alarm Ventilator, Continuous Ventilator, Home Care, Portable Ventilator, Portable Ventilator, Pressure-Cycled Ventilator, Time-Cycled Ventilator, Volume Ventilator, Volume, Portable Video Conference System Video Conferencing Equipment Video Teleconferencing System Videoconferencing System, Telemedicine
Vital Signs Monitor Help
Apnea Monitor
Telemetry Monitor
Volumeters Volumetric Infusion Pump Volumetric Pump VTC Unit
Walker Wandering Prevention System Warmer Warming Blanket Warming Cabinet Warming Unit, Blood/Solution Warming Unit, Hot Air Warming Unit, Patient, Forced-Air Warming/Cooling Unit, Circulating Fluid Warming/Cooling Unit, Patient, Circulating-Fluid, Pump, Circulating-Fluid Warmnig Blanket Warmning System Weighing Chair Weight Chair Weight Monitor Wheelchair Alert System Wheelchair, Motorized Wheelchair, Nonpowered Wheelchair, Powered Wheeled Walker Whirlpool / Bath Whirlpool Bath