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Device: Hospital Bed
Manufacturer: Stryker
Model: Epic II 2030
Location: United States, Washington

Hospital Bed may also be referred to as :

High Low Bed | Patient Bed | Hospital Bed | Electric Bed | Bed, AC-Powered, Adjustable, Hospital | Bed, Electric

Tips for buying Hospital Bed

  1. In the event of a power failure, all electric beds should allow adjusting the position of the bed manually or hydraulically.
  2. For easy access to the patient, the height should be adjustable to at least 83 cm from the ground. In certain situations, side rails and bumpers are desirable.
  3. To allow smooth transport through doorways and over obstacles, the casters' diameter should be at least 5 inches. They should swivel, and at least two should lock to prevent unwanted movement.
  4. Critical care beds should have a Trendelenburg gauge. It is recommended that they have additional features, such as a radiolucent window and an in-bed scale to minimize the need of moving patients to another bed during treatment, clamps and poles for infusion devices, oxygen tank holders, and patient and caregiver controls.
  5. They may also include bed scales, removable headboards and footboards, which can be used during CPR or converted into defibrillator trays, isolation transformers, fracture fittings, lifting poles and handles, and double insulation.
  6. Before making a purchase, facilities are encouraged to carefully evaluate the benefits and costs of buying a critical care bed versus a general-purpose bed.
  7. A general-purpose bed may be adequate in some cases; the isolation transformer or double-insulation options may add extra safety to beds used in critical care areas. There may be no need to add these options to hundreds of beds, but just to ensure that a few critical care beds have them.
  8. Some factors to be considered by facilities include the range of bed positions, quality of construction, ease-of-use, mechanical reliability, service history and availability of manufacturer support and replacement parts.
  9. There are some beds that are instantly configurable to manual, semi-electric, or fully electric status with the use of interchangeable cranks and motors.
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