Used Hospital Bed - Hill-Rom -  850

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Hospital and Exam Room Furniture
Device: Hospital Bed
Manufacturer: Hill-Rom
Model: 850
Condition: As is
Year manufactured: 1998 (Estimated year)
Location: United States, California
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 40 available
Note: These items can be sold separately
Unit Price: 300.00 USD
Comments: We can sell Hill Rom 840, 850 and 852 Century hospital beds them in all numbers - minumum order 25 b4eds at prices posted. Hospital bed price does include a used mattress. We inspect all units to make sure they are in perfect working order. A 40 foot high cube container container can hold 60 beds. The Hill Rom 840 / 850 beds are regarded as some of the most reliable electric hospital beds made and they are very durable / 375 lbs per bed. These are ready for immediate pick up or delivery. All beds are delivered in perfect working order and sold "as is". Beds are available for inspection Monday - Saturday 48 hours prior to container loading. Clients are welcome to be on site for loading hospital beds on container to ensure everything is professionally packed. we are getting these beds in January, February and March of 2017. The Hill Rom Advance 1000 Series hospital bed models came out after the Hill Rom Century beds and are available in greater numbers. We are a full service hospital bed dealer that sell used Hill Rom and Stryker hospital beds all over the USA.
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Item Description
Hill Rom Century 850 hospital bed models for sale. This hospital bed model can be sold for $275 each with a mattress included. More of these beds coming out in December and January of 2016 and 2017. The Hill Rom Century bed is a 5 function full electric hospital bed. All beds sold as is working order and all beds are tested before loading. Hospital b buyer is welcome to come watch beds being tested and tagged for loading 24 to 48 hours prior to loading. 60 Hill Rom Century beds will fit in a 40 foot HIGH CUBE container for international shipping. These beds come from a major area hospital and the beds overall are in good condition. The beds are 110 volt and can be converted to 220 volt with a standard converter.
 Questions and Answers Regarding this Item 
Additional Options: Automatic contour? Awaiting Confirmation
Additional Options: Retractable? Yes
Additional Options: Hyperextension? Yes
Additional Options: Trendelenburg gauge? Yes
Additional Options: Are there any signs of rust? Minor
General: Power supply - Volts range 100-130 Volts
General: Power supply - phase Awaiting Confirmation
General: Did the device perform according to manufacturer specifications just before dismantling? Yes
General: Is the refurbishing process accomplished by the original manufacturer or its authorized agent? Item not refurbished
General: Hardware / Software? Not relevant
General: What is the estimated size of the needed package? Awaiting Confirmation
General: What is the date of refurbishing? Awaiting Confirmation
General: Are you the owner of the device? Awaiting Confirmation
General: What is the date of manufacturing? Awaiting Confirmation
General: If applicable - When was it de-installed and stored? 1488412800
Manuals & Documentation: Is there an operation manual? Yes
Manuals & Documentation: Is there a calibration and adjustment file? Not relevant
Manuals & Documentation: Is there a maintenance service logbook? Not relevant
Manuals & Documentation: Is there a log of repair parts? Not relevant
Manuals & Documentation: Does it have all labels according to manufacturer's specification? Awaiting Confirmation
Manuals & Documentation: Are there purchasing documents of the device? Yes
Nurse Control: Pt control lockouts? Yes
Nurse Control: Walk-away down? Unknown
Nurse Control: Full-low indicator? Yes
Nurse Control: CPR control? Unknown
Patient Controls: Type of controls? Rail embedded
Service & Warranty: Can you provide service and application support for this Device? Yes
Service & Warranty: Was the system under T & M service? Yes
Service & Warranty: Was the service given by the manufacturer? No
Service & Warranty: Was the service given by third party? Yes
Service & Warranty: Is there a warranty period after installation? Awaiting Confirmation
Sale Information
Payment methods: Bank Transfer
Advance payment percentage: 100%
Services supplied by the seller
Service contract
The item is packed
Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
All item information on this page has been supplied by seller and MedWOW cannot guarantee its accuracy.
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Hospital Bed may also be referred to as: High Low Bed | Patient Bed | Hospital Bed | Electric Bed | Bed, AC-Powered, Adjustable, Hospital | Bed, Electric
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Location: United States, California
Business type: Dealer
Seller's language(s): English, Spanish
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