Used Keratometer - Sciencetera -  Axis TSRK 1000

Item 526594332

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Ophthalmology
Device: Keratometer
Manufacturer: Sciencetera
Model: Axis TSRK 1000
Condition: Never used
Year manufactured: 2011 (Estimated year)
Location: Mexico, Distrito Federal
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 3,800.00 USD
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Item Description
Vendo Autorefractometro y Keratometro Axis TRSK-1000 en perfectas condiciones y casi nunca usado.

Product Abstract: Sciencetera?s innovative DSP engine for AXIS( TSRK-1000 ) Ref-keratometer controls the entire measurement process including capture of measurement signal as well as, the data process and the display.So AXIS( TSRK-1000 ) enables to provide stable measurement data and fine pupil images for you. Features: ¦ When operate AXIS( TSRK-1000 ) , you can expect a high quality and best customer service. ¦ Auto-Starting ¦ As soon as AXIS is properly aligned to each eye, this function initiates the measurement process and generates the measurement results automatically. ¦ Automatic Fogging ¦ The AXIS incorporates an infinity scene diopters of fog to control accommodation. ¦ Instuinctive, Easy of use UI. ¦ Its users can enjoy convenient and comfortable operation due to easy of use UI. ¦ HR LCD ( High Resolution Color LCD Monitor ) ¦ 0.3 Mega Pixel 6.4 inches TFT Color LCD provides fine and large iris image with color alignment marks. ¦ Automatic PD Measurement ¦ AXIS automatically calculates pupilary distance for both near and far vision. Other measurements IOL, PD, Pupil diameter, CLBC, Ret-illum, etc. Alignment marks Move closer to the patient Move further to the patient. Incorrect collimation Specifications: Refractometer mode Sphere -25.00D~+22.00D Cylinder 0~+/-10D Axis 1~1800 Keratometer mode Corneal curvature R5.0mm~R10mm Corneal refraction 67.5D~33.7D Corneal astigmatism 0~+/-10D Axis angle 1~1800 Other measurement mode Pupil distance 0~85mm Pupil diameter 0~12mm CLBL R5.0mm~R10mm IOL OK Ret-illum OK Others Measuring start Auto /Manual Display 6.4 inches 0.3M TFT color LCD Alignment Color display Printer Built in printer Output RS232C /USB( option port ) Power supply AC110~240Vac 50/60Hz 100VA Dimension 242( w ) x467( d ) x465( h ) Weight 16.5kg
Aceptamos TODAS la tarjetas de credito y a 6 meses sin intereses con American Express, VISA y Mastercard.
(La promocion depende su tarjeta si esta habilitada, no aplica para tarjetas de debito)
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Available for inspection from: Immediate
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Keratometer may also be referred to as: Auto Refractor Keratometers (Auto Ref Keratometers) | Refractometer, Ophthalmologic | Dioptometer
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Location: Mexico, Distrito Federal
Business type: Medical Clinic
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