New & Used Laser - CO2, Cutting Edge, M6

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Manufacturer : Cutting Edge


Model : M6


Condition : Refurbished - major parts replacement

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Device: Laser - CO2
Manufacturer: Cutting Edge
Model: M6
Location: Indonesia, Jakarta Raya
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Laser - CO2 may also be referred to as :

Laser, Carbon Dioxide, Surgical-Dermatologic | Surgical Laser | Medicine Laser | Laser, Surgical, Carbon Dioxide, Specialty | Laser, Surgical, Carbon Dioxide, General-Purpose | Laser, Carbon Dioxide, Dermatologic | Laser System | Dermatologic Laser | Surgical Carbon Dioxide Laser | Skin Resurfacing Lasers | C02 Skin Resurfacing Laser | Erbium Laser

Tips for buying Laser - CO2

  1. Facilities cannot use one type of laser for all their surgical applications; so they should identify the types of lasers that will meet the specific needs of their surgical departments.
  2. Facilities should make sure that the power output at tissue is at least 1 to 30 W and the exposure time is at least 0.01 sec. Lasers should also include a gas-filled sealed tube and an internal air-cooling system.
  3. Facilities should examine the modes of operation that a laser provides. Some lasers offer both modes for different levels of surgical control.
  4. Some purchase options are available for buyers. These may include micromanipulators, handpieces, focusing lenses to adjust spot sizes, and wave-guides.
  5. The power distribution system of the facility is another important factor to consider. Some CO2 lasers may need up to 240 VAC, particularly those for high power applications. Lower power output units, which usually require 120 VAC, are suitable for dermatological uses, but high-powered lasers are necessary for other surgeries.
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