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Device: Laser - Nd:YAG
Manufacturer: Cynosure
Model: Smartlipo MPX
Name / Number: Hand Piece
Premium User
Location: United States, Michigan
Rating: 100%
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The model & manufacturer of the marked items have changed due to an acquisition between companies, and are also known as:
Current Manufacturer / Model Name Alternative Manufacturer / Model Name
Iridex / Gemini Laser System Laserscope / Gemini

Laser - Nd:YAG may also be referred to as :

YAG Laser | Surgical Laser | Laser, Nd:YAG, Pulmonary Surgery | Endometrial Ablation System | Surgical Nd:YAG Laser | KTP Laser | neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet Laser

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Fiber  Microbeam

Device: Laser - Nd:YAG

Manufacturer: Laserscope

Model: KTP:YAG 800

Name / Number: Fiber / Microbeam

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Handpiece GentleYAG SRT

Device: Laser - Nd:YAG

Manufacturer: Candela

Model: GentleYAG

Name / Number: Handpiece / GentleYAG SRT

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Tips for buying Laser - Nd:YAG Parts

  1. Facilities should look into the following factors before purchasing: clinical need, existing technology of the facility or alternate devices, type and number of procedures to be performed, versatility of the instrument, experience and preferences of the surgical staff, effect the device will have on reimbursement, voltage and electrical current requirements, safety, reliability, and service.
  2. Facilities should carefully identify the types of lasers that will meet the specific needs of the different surgical departments. One laser is not appropriate for all surgical applications.
  3. The most important factor to be considered is power output; many free-beam procedures require 60 to 100 W.
  4. Facilities planning to use the Nd-YAG laser for contact procedures do not need a high-power laser but rather one that delivers up to 40 W.
  5. At tissue surfaces the power output should be more than 1 W, and both the exposure time and repetition rate should be at least 0.1 sec.
  6. A power output display and an internal air-cooling system should be included with the device, and it should allow manual fiber calibration. The laser should be able to operate at 120 VAC in the USA.
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