Used Laser - Nd:YAG - Hoya Con Bio -  2.94 Erbium

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Lasers
Device: Laser - Nd:YAG
Manufacturer: Hoya Con Bio
Model: 2.94 Erbium
Condition: Refurbished - major parts replacement
Year manufactured: 1997
Location: United States, California
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 3,840.00 USD
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Item Description
What You'll get:

CB Erbium 2.94 YAG Skin Smoothing Tattoo Remover Continuum Biomedical Laser
(2) Key Power Switch
(1) Attached Power Cord
(1) Extension Arm Mount
(1) Foot Pedal
(1) Erbium HandPiece 5.0mm
(1) Erbium HandPiece 3.5mm

Eyewear and Manual Are Not Included

Due to the size and weight of this unit will need to be freighted. Please contact us via email for a freight quote or for local pick-up


Pulled from a working environment. Tested to Power UP. Key turns and power up great with no issues. Unit managed to power up and cycle through start up process and no issues detected. Was able to cycle through settings and using all buttons with no issues. Standby and ready modes work great. Emergency button will also work perfectly. Foot pedal shows no issues whatsoever. Lights and display works wonderful without any issues. Everything else like foot pedal, transport handles and locking casters are working at 100% perfection.

Guaranteed Working!

Pictures are of actual item. Please Reference Pictures for Cosmetics. Unit is in great conditions. There is very light signs of wear. All around there is minimal signs of usage. Minor scuffs and scratches but there are no major dents or crack in the body. The food pedal does show wear from the bottom part of the enclosure. It also has visible scratches all around where the paint is chipping off. However there is no dents or visible damages.

Taken from the Internet:


The Erbium laser produces a unique skin smoothing affect with minimal pain and rapid healing. For the physician the laser is precise, controllable and so predictable that any risks of scarring are virtually eliminated. The Erbium laser allows the physician to gently wash away layers of skin that are much thinner than that of the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser. This ultra thin laser wash lets the Erbium behave like a lunch hour peel for a light skin refinement or with multiple passes to smooth deeper wrinkles.

Since precise thin layering is possible with the Erbium:Yag laser individuals undergoing skin toning-one pass can apply make-up in one day. Those requiring a deeper smoothing treatment may be able to return to work Monday following a Thursday treatment. Now many younger individuals can prevent wrinkle formation. Younger individuals with fine wrinkles not suitable for the deeper CO2(Carbon Dioxide) laser treatments can have light smoothing as frequently as needed to prevent deeper wrinkles from forming. This is especially valuable at the first signs of lip lines, sun spots or crows feet.

For the first time the delicate neck and back of the hands can be successfully smoothed with the CB Erbium2.94 laser. This procedure requires little or no anesthesia


Again, the Erbium ultra thin laser offers an advantage. The Erbium requires no anesthesia, however, a local anesthetic cream may be applied to the skin during the treatment for maximum comfort.


The Erbium:Yag laser produces a thinner laser area and less heat the risk for irregular skin pigmentation changes in darker skinned individuals is greatly reduced and we have successfully treated Asian and Middle Eastern skin types without mottling. This also allows spot facial treatment and produces optimal blending between the regions lasered and those unlasered.


The Erbium:Yag laser offers more precision in smoothing damaged and scarred skin. For patients with deep acne scarring, combining the CO2 with the Erbium:Yag laser yields enhanced results.


Precision layering of laser from light to deep
Anesthesia not required
Fast recovering
Less pain Can be used on difficult skin types
Improved results with acne and facial scarring
Can be used to treat brown spots and wrinkles on the back of the hands and on the neck.
Less Redness
Chances of scarring are remote
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Advance payment percentage: 100%
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Return valid for: 14 days after buyer's receipt of the item
Allowed refund types: Money back
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Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
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