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Manufacturer : Pyxis

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Medication Management System may also be referred to as :

Point-of-Care Medication Dispensing System | Medication Management System, Decentralized | Medication Dispensing Automated System | Medication Control System | Controlled-Access Medication Cabinet | Controlled Dispensing | Bar-Coded Automated Medication Dispensing System | Aoutomatic Dispensing

Tips for buying Medication Management System

  1. The amount and type of information storage and transfer are the main factors to consider before purchasing a medication management system.
  2. Facilities should also determine how the medication management system would be used. Systems may be implemented in many ways such as providing narcotics control, dispensing floor stock medications only, or replacing unit-dose exchange carts entirely.
  3. For some users, this medication management system serves as drug inventory control cabinets.
  4. Buyers often use these medication management systems as a component of a larger hospital information network, electronic charting or medication administration record systems, bar-code-enabled point-of-care systems, and other systems for billing, patient census, or inventory management.
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