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Device: Mist Tent
Manufacturer: Ohio Medical
Model: 380 EN Oxygen Tent
Location: United States, Tennessee

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Device: Mist Tent
Manufacturer: Mistogen
Model: CAM-4
Location: United States, Mississippi

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Device: Mist Tent
Manufacturer: Ohmeda (GE Healthcare)
Model: 360
Location: United States, Colorado

Mist Tent may also be referred to as :

Tent, Croup | Tent, Aerosol Administration | Mist Tent | Croupette | Cool Mist Tent | Tent, Mist

Tips for buying Mist Tent

  1. Mist tents use thermoelectric cooling or refrigeration allows for thermostat control, and eliminates the use of ice-cooled units, which involve inconvenient maintenance and can vary in temperature depending on the amount of ice surrounding the tube.
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